From Azeroth to Pandora. Happy Friday!

Just wanted to pop in and see what all you folks think of the weapon buffs so far?

I haven’t been playing now, let’s see…at all for the past 3-4 weeks, and was barely playing before that. BL3 just didn’t grab me like all of the previous entries but I’m still keeping my eyes on the forums and try to keep up with the updates.

I plan to possibly return after all the content is out and see what’s up, potentially earlier if something crazy cool happens (skill tree reworks, class mod balancing, weak FL3K pets, endgame loot progression options, common complaints, etc).

@HurdyGurdy Ogre buff?! You like?!

@Slif_One where it is, new Amara guide? @Flamesforall :joy:

@Derch anybody seen Derch?! Haven’t seen hide nor hair, not even a YouTube vidjya. You still around maing?

See you all around!

P.s. I’m back in Azeroth for the time being. Some old guildies needed M+ tank and stoked my Prot Warriors ego the right way.

Anyways, madlove all. Borderlands is always just a portal away. :skull::heart:


I’ve noticed his absence, too. Starting to get worried as he is one of my favorite youtubers. Gotta love that voice!

Haven’t played since the newest hotfix, and hardly at all since the Valentine’s patch. It was something like a 30% damage increase for the ogre so I imagine it’s about as good as the airborne anointment was before the patch. So probably not super significant but still appreciated. Haven’t been using the ogre for a while now though.

I haven’t played too much lately because I’m still not cool with the MoD bug on ps4.

On a side note I now own the game on PC as well, so I’m finally going to see what it’s like to have Moze working as intended.

Good man! I’m about to upgrade my PC as well, although, unfortunately, I think Borderlands may have already lost my interest at this point. A fix to PS4 Means of Destruction would still be nice gesture though, as if I ever come back to try BL3 again it will most likely be on console.

I did go back and play through TPS again! What a blast, Athena is so much fun! Gonna queue up Tales from the Borderlands to playthru again soon as well.

Well, much love to all you folks. Catch ya later friends.