From BL1 to BL3, which VH you enjoyed playing the most and why?

Which VH was your favorite?
  • Roland
  • Lilith
  • Mordecai
  • Brick
  • Axton
  • Salvador
  • Maya
  • Zer0
  • Gaige
  • Krieg
  • Athena
  • Nisha
  • Wilhelm
  • Claptrap
  • Timothy
  • Aurelia
  • Zane
  • Moze
  • Fl4k
  • Amara

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Mine was Athena in TPS.

Loved jumping around and Smiting enemies, and using Blood Rush from above to crash down at some poor Scav or Marine…


I would have said Mordecai because I played him like a sniper and I liked the bird pet aspect. But I played Maya way more often once I bought BL2. I just love the idea of grabbing enemies and watching them fight each other, or explode, or whatever. Kinda like playing a superhero, I guess (now that I think about it more).

I tried playing Zero first when I got BL2, as a Mordecai substitute. But I dislike HTH and so was limited in making full use of the skills. I eventually tried Maya and ended up sticking with her as a main VH. My goto for TPS was Athena, though I had fun with Claptrap and I liked not having to worry about breathing. None of the BL3 VH are of any lasting interest to me. My goto is Moze because who doesn’t want a MECH? I like the dialogue of Zane. The others are meh for me.

Amara… I’ve always preferred the Sirens and she’s by far my favorite… A lot of it has to do with the movement, feel, and control that BL3 has. While I truly enjoyed BL1 and BL2, BL3 has the best gameplay experience.


That’s a tough choice but it’s hard to top Kriegs voicelines. Running around smashing things with the axe and then throwing it always had a special feel to it.


The conductor of the poop train himself Krieg was the most fun I’ve ever had in borderlands close second was Zer0 but Krieg was and always will be the pinnacle of a melee character in borderlands wish Amara had something close to Krieg. I picked her up first hoping she would scratch that melee itch but she was a disappointment as far as melee was concerned.


Claptrap for me, with Nisha a close 2nd. Claptrap because Claptrap and approximately 1,812 other reasons. And Nisha because I just really enjoyed her skill set.

Honorable mention to Krieg. An amusing character I never enjoyed playing as much as I wanted to.


Very tough one for me but I’d say Athena as well, with Krieg being an extremely close second. Maelstrom was such a well-designed stack-related skill. That whole skill tree was godly. I really enjoy momentum-based playstyles like Maelstrom and Bloodlust, where you have to chain kills and manage your stacks correctly (keeping the Maelstrom count high/killing with grenade splash to keep Bloodbath up). Wilhelm, Aurelia and Maya would come in third.


This is hard for me… I probably answer these polls differently whenever they come up, as I really like them all with a couple exceptions. I picked Athena for the following reasons:

  • Her shield appears to be legit invincible. As long as I saw danger coming and was quick on the draw, I could tank it. Plus, banking some of that damage to throw back at enemies is satisfying. Like if I see some enemy from whom I would normally run for my life, I might instead charge at them shield first.
  • I love damage enhancements while airborne, and Smite is the first one in Borderlands that really felt good. Death From Above in BL2 needed a lot of UCP support before it felt right (and y’all voted the airborne anointments out of BL3 :stuck_out_tongue:)
  • I had a COM that would put Overload at like 90% or more (I forget now), which would cause it to be basically guaranteed. I like this mechanic so much, I gave it a name (Flereous) that I would take for walks through local mobs. I have a video where it chews its own way through six or seven (hard to tell) enemies.
  • I like stacking damage, not just stack mechanisms, but using Epicenter to gather enemies close together so Hades Shackles can reach them all and so Wrath of the Goddess can nail four enemies all within range of Zeus’ Rage triggering on each other (so each of the four would eat this from the three others) is super satisfying.
  • Her maniacal laugh is wonderful.

ahem which VH , tough question…or not …
any further questions?


It’s hard but I have to pick zer0. levelling up red tree to get many must fall never stops feeling great

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Even though I played Maya the most, I’d have to say Zer0 is my favorite to play. The Lyuda and Pimpernel are probably my favorite weapons in Borderlands 2 and Zer0 is the perfect character for them. I haven’t played melee Zer0 a whole lot, but that’s a very fun spec as well. There’s just something about the pace of sniper Zer0 gameplay that makes me love it.

Would say Maya as I invested the most time in building her, including a lvl 57 that got sadly corrupted while doing uvhm. Even tho I did lost a save I really didn’t mind rebuilding her, she is also the only character I’ve ever done a uvhm play through with, even op levels as it never really interested me before. I do enjoy her skills and action skill, even tho I started out as axton and played with each character Maya came out on top as my favourite.

Lil. The last thing I want to do is play Borderlands like a “Modern Military Shooter”, through the lenses of a scope. Skills like Striking and Mind Games let you dance around your enemies while setting fire to them with Phoenix :smiley: She almost doesn’t need a gun.

Amara nearly took her crown but the whole progression system is different in BL3, so it’s hard to compare. An honourable mention goes to Krieg,whom I enjoy greatly, but doesn’t have the flexibility of the aforementioned Sirens.


Most if not all second gen Vault Hunters (i.e. BL2 and TPS) were so much more fun to play for me in comparison to any characters from 1 and 3, but Athena is my all time favorite.

Useful and well designed action skill, absolutely insane dps with elemental/maelstrom build, and even though I’m not a fan of melee in BL I found it pretty satisfying actually (better than Zero’s imo).

Also she’s just a badass, character-wise. No constant bragging, no unnecessary RL accents that just try to be funny too hard, and no random outbursts of insanity (edit: relative to standards set by other characters). Coupled with her awesome looks, which they really nailed in TPS. In addition, Tales made me like her even more.

FL4K. I just love their deadpan sarcastic quips about everything. And their pets. And you know what, everything about FL4K is just fantastic. The voice actor did a fantastic job.


Amazing to see 4 of the top 6 VH are all have dedicated melee trees (I dont know if Claptrap counts), I hope GBX make melee dedicated weapons like zero sword in BL3 having special abilities.

Also I voted Krieg because using his melee build make the game refreshing after having played with guns with the rest of VH. Zero is closely second because dashing at enemies with the ult is so much fun!


Watching Bandit scum run around killing each other all while constantly exploding with elemental chaos was quite relaxing.

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I loved her action skills and healing abilities with Res in co-op.

Mine was Aurelia. she was just such a fun bitch with all her dialogue. I also have always loved the ice element from many different things, from super hero’s to winter time. Aurelia felt like she controlled the battle field truly, enemies that weren’t even near u would be frozen by the time u got over to them. Her AS was so fun, and i loved how it would pass through walls and put a marker on the enemy it was effecting. She felt very smooth to play.

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