From Gear to Annointments to Skills: Everything I Would Chnage

As a foreword: I’m not incredibly experienced in game design, nor forums. These are just SUGGESTIONS for the Devs. As a bit of background, I am a veteran BL player, however I am no expert to it’s systems. Maybe someone could help me format this later in a more cohesive way. More likely than not I will be revisiting this and writing this in chunks. Expect typos because words are hard.



General Fl4k changes that are needed are massively improved AI on the pets, along with higher HP and Damage numbers. The pets, one of Fl4ks main selling points, just don’t contribute much and may actually hurt the overall gameplay loop.
The Rakk Attack animation could be massively sped up. The long casting time and animation make it feel slugish. This would also be an indirect buff since you can shoot your Rakks faster.
Fade Away also has the problem of enemies still targeting you while you are still invisible. Given Fl4ks squishiness, this can be deadly.
Gamma Burst is meant to be the pet focused Action Skill (AS for future use), but since the pet doesn’t do well to begin with, Fl4k mains simply use it for Gamma Burst annoints and aggro relief. The pet should get a percentage damage buff (~50%) along with the flat Radiation buff for the duration (and a hopeful future general pet damage buff). You could also make the pet immune to damage, rather than being unkillable during GB, since they tend to die the second it is over.

Master Skills
Keep Persistence Hunter as is. Its perfectly fine for what its trying to do.
Both Ferocity and Go For The Eyes don’t do much as of now. IF the pet’s damage was more respectable, then these would be fine. Also, I dislike having such similar skills as Tier 1. Its not much of a choice, especially when you need to specc into one or other to move down the tree. I would increase the damage from 10% per point on Ferocity to 15% and make Go For The Eyes a 15% for ANY pet hit to be a crit, rather than the first one being a really big crit. I would also change both to be 3 point max.

Who Rescued Who is fine as is.

He Bites is in a weird spot. Most enemies don’t do a lot of damage, relative to their OWN HP, especially in Mayhem 4. Most people use it as a 1 pointer, to proc Frenzy. I would make it scale by a whopping 15% per point, from 5% for this reason.

Speaking of Frenzy, its also in a weird spot. Since the AI on the pets is so terrible, they have a hard time stacking Frenzy without He Bites. Since stacks are quite variable, I would do a slight buff from .8% per stack per point, to 1% per stack per point.

Psycho Head on a Stick is fine as is, but I would prefer it if the Movement Speed of the pet was buffed, maybe to 15-20%. However, the movement speed was bugged and didn’t work last time I checked (which was awhile to be frank).

Hive Mind is difficult to use as Gamma Burst works now, because it often leaves your pet at 1 HP and makes it prone to dying the second GB runs out. If Gamma Burst made pets immune instead of unkillable, It would be fine.

Barbaric Yawp is great, don’t change it.

Mutated Defenses is something that looks great on paper, but not in practice. It only activates when your pet is low HP, lasts 6 seconds and has a decently large 15 seconds. In exchange, it reduces damage by less than 30% (damage resist is different than damage reduction) and gives less than 50% of the pets health back. Typically, your pet gets to low health, activates Mutated Defenses, regens a little health, then dies regardless. Bump up the damage resist to reduce damage by 50%, and HP regen to 10% per second.

Pack Tactics is fine as is.

Shared Spirit would be great, but only if the aforementioned changes were in place.

Now Dominance has multiple problems. First, its melee range, on a fairly long distance character. Secondly, taking control of an enemy ONCE and for 12/24 seconds is fairly mediocre since they don’t add much DPS or aggro relief. Many people propose giving the pet a copy of Fl4ks shield, however I believe that’s a terrible idea since Fl4k is a very gun-based character while the pet is a melee- oriented one, thus requiring different shields.
I propose something like “Fl4k gains a copy of their currently equipped Pet, along with any Pet Bonuses they bring.” This not only synergizes well with all of Fl4ks pet damage buffs, but also Barbaric Yawp, Hive Mind, Shared Spirit, and provides extra damage or tankiness from the pet bonuses.

Gamma Burst Augements
Both Empathic Rage and Endurance are usuable as is.
Atomic Aroma could use both a damage and a range buff, while Burst Aid could be less visibly polluting.

(To be continued later)