From level 50-70, resetting 1st mission uvhm tps how many times?

Hey everyone, how many times does uvhm have to be resetted for the first mission in the tps, to go from 50-70?

I got from 50-61 by the time i got to the warrior when the first uvhm came out, so I would guess once.

nice, I meant if you just do the first mission when you rescue jack, you get about 40,000xp, I think its about 5 times per bar. I guess 100 resets should do it, lol!

oh I thought you were talking about running the whole story and for some reason I was thinking bl2.

For this i have no idea, I can’t stand just resetting I have to do different things so I don’t have a clue.

lol, yer, its pretty psychologically effecting :(.