From mac users across the world:

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I Purchased Borderlands 2 On The Mac App Store before I realized that it was available for Mac on Steam. I was wondering if there are any people who also purchased it on the app store that wanted to play together. I am a level 45 Commando With Almost All Of The DLC’s.
Gamecenter Name: CrAzYGHD_FTW
I can add you if you reply with your Gamecenter Name or you can add me, which-ever

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Late to the party. Purchased on 360, Apple, Steam… And Amazon (Hard Copy). I love this game and love playing on mac.

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I also have both the Mac Steam version and the App Store version (as well as 360, XB1, and PS4, I may have a problem).

The two Mac versions have different uses. I use the Steam version when I have a solid network connection, since Steam needs that. I use the App Store version when I’m traveling, does not need a network connection so I can play on an airplane or places where network connections don’t exist or are too slow. Of course, the Steam version can use Golden Keys, the App Store version does not allow golden keys.

I have had seat mates on airplanes constantly glancing at my screen as I wreak havoc on Pandora, I bet they wish they were playing too.

Going on a tangent here…

Speaking from experience: Steam works fine with unstable connections or even without a connection (there’s Offline Mode for that, with some features disabled: playing your own games is allowed, Family Sharing is unavailable to prevent abuse).

The game itself is another story. As far as I know, it needs a connection for three things: hotfixes (just a small data transfer at startup), shift codes (whenever you redeem one, and not a whole lot of data either), or coop (stable low-latency connection with decent bandwidth required for obvious reasons). The first two items on this list might take a few tries on a spotty connection, and coop is out of the question anyway. Well, unless your partner is nearby; then you could arrange things such that you’re on the same local network, because LAN mode works with a direct connection (meaning the reliability and existence of the link between the local network and the rest of the world is irrelevant, as long as the local network itself is good).