From TFTB to BL3

I know that Bl3 was written by different ppl than TFTB, but the story gap between the two is god damn huge, unless I am missing something. So by the end of TFTB, both Fiona and Rhys wanished fallowed by end credits and no explanation, yet Rhys ended up on Promethea as an Atlas CEO. Which makes sense, but I would realy like to know what actaly happend, where did they go? Where is Fiona and Sasha? I found some Echo logs in Rhys office suggesting he (Zero) was looking for Sasha and listent to his lines but it’s all still very unclear and it’s driving me crazy… Whole story of BL3 is… inconsistent, but this bothers me the most…
If anyone has any insight on this, it would be appreciated. Thanks :slight_smile:

Maybe an idea for dlc, the hunt for Sasha where the fill in the blanks?

That is the thing, I am missing all the Vault Hunters from BL2 and TFTB… Why they were left out is puzzling for me and I would love to see what happend to them and what are they doing now. DLCs are the most probable explanation I guess, tho I am scared after the main story line… might be even more dissapointed. :smiley:

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Oh yeah I feel the same way. I mained Gaige and spent a lot of time with Krieg, Axton and Maya, and only Maya got any mention in 3 out of echo’s. I’d like to know what the others did for 7 years.

I mean…it’s been YEARS between TFTB and BL3, taking over a huge corporation its always been Rhys dream…
for what concernes Fiona and Sasha…
Fiona is still training with Athena to become a VH
Sasha is the only big question here.
Why did she “disappear”? that’s probably a dlc tho.

Well, he wanted to be just like Jack until he got screwed by him and had to put him down. He started Atlas again cos it was a good oportunity for a new begining after the shaitshow they were in. But that I know, what I don’t know is how he get to where he is and where did they wanish by the end of TFTB…

As for Fiona, I don’t think she is still trained by Athena… She was basicaly done with the whole vault hunting thing at the end of TFTB. As much as I would like to see such DLC, most likely not going to happen… Seems more like writers took what was convenient for thier new story and didn’t bother with the rest. So I guess it will stay unanswered…

Did she, tho?
she couldn’t even lift a rocket launcher…
not that you have to be phisically strong to be a VH but i saw that scene as a “start” for her, not a “now she’s a VH”

i agree but at the same time…we have A LOT of characters in this game.
17 in total, plus all the NPCs like Tannis, Moxxi, Marcus ecc ecc.
This game whould need way more than 2 season pass (if it’s true that we’re getting the second one) to give every character space to tell their story

Just for the record…we still need to finish compleatly the story we got in this BL3 (vanilla)
What about Ava? for how mutch i hate her with all my heart she still needs to tell her full story, to develop as a character and grow into a woman.
Probably this is not something that we will fully see untill BL4? surely.
but we need more from the characters already present in the vanilla game, putting too mutch water in the soup could would most probably spoil it. (IMO)

I see what you mean, but that was somewhere in the middle of the TFTB when Athena was captured, after that they managed to acquire last Gortis component, open the vault and defeat the the traveler with or without Athenas further asistance, that depends… but they did it, which kinda makes her Vault hunter.
Doesn’t matter I think… We will most likely get DLC expanding on new characters instead of old ones.

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Last time we saw Rhys, he got the Atlas shares and was entering a Vault, now he’s the Atlas CEO with a Vault Key piece, the gap is there but it’s not that big to bother me. The same for the absense of old characters, I feel we got enough returning folks that it doesn’t bother me that this or that character is not in the game at the time.

The ending of TPS on the other hand could have been tied more and better withe BL3 though.

It seems that they were planing on Season 2 for TFTB so they left it with the cliffhanger. Sadly, there are plenty of reasons why that could have been scratched… shame.

I’m pretty sure Rhys has Zer0 looking for Fiona, not Sasha. Rhys came back after disappearing in the Vault, but Fiona didn’t. Sasha is probably out looking for her sister, which is why she isn’t with Rhys (I assume Rhys and Sasha are still together based on the picture of her he has on his desk). Rhys wants to find Fiona too, but he’s been sidetracked by Maliwan trying to destroy his life’s work.

After Tales Telltale pretty much said they were putting the ball back in Gearbox’s court for Borderlands 3.

Hmmm, interesting… might be, but that still raises more questions than it answers. :smiley:

Yea, that went well… :smiley: