From the Bottom of my Heart

…thank you, Gearbox, for putting local multiplayer in this game. My girlfriend and I met playing video games together on Xbox 360. We both enjoy playing Evolve, Elder Scrolls Online, and Dragon Age Inquisition on PS4, but the lack of local multiplayer means in order for us to play together, we have to buy a second PS4 ($400) a second copy of the game ($60) and a second PS Plus subscription ($40/year).

The lack of local multiplayer in modern gaming is disheartening. I doubt it’s driven by the technology as some developers claim (Evolve), because Gearbox has been able to provide local multiplayer with ease! It seems to be driven by greed, because if you take away local multiplayer, you can potentially sell twice as many games. But that’s just me.

So thanks for keeping couch co-op alive in Battleborn! My girlfriend and I look forward to playing it, together!


I really dont think thats true, splitscreen is a massive technical undertaking because you need to run the game twice and have to account for people doing odd stuff (EG going to either ends of the map, thus spawning 2 sets of enemies).

If you look at Uncharted, 2 had no splitscreen, and 3 did, and 3’s multiplayer looked significantly worse than 2’s. All the models were much lower polygon counts and the resolution was much lower.

GBX is commited to delivering splitscreen and their engine aparently allows them to do it with relative ease. But I highly doubt other devs are delibratly withholding it, because the situation you described of buying another console/game/subscribtion would happen so rarely it wouldnt be worth it.

The added goodwill and advertising from “WE HAVE SPLITSCREEN” would far outwiegh the benifits of maybe selling a few extra copies. Its just that its a pretty low priority, and they seem to think no-one uses it and its very hard to get it working proprerly without significant investment.

Honestly split screen sells more copies.

Also, randomly, where are you where PSN costs 40$ a year instead of 50$?

That was supposed to be Euros, not Dollars. My bad.

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Thanks for sharing this, @reincarN8ed. I know @Jythri and the rest of the team will be super happy to see it! :smile:

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Split-screen is great!! And amazing. But did anyone actually try it on the beta??.. the layout was horrendous and disorienting. Hopefully it will get fixed, but the fact that 1/3 of the screen is taken up by an unnecessarily big mini map overlay, which rendered the characters offset and half your TV taken up by a black area is honestly worse than a lack of splitscreen. Everyone I tried playing it with got motion sickness and eye strain.