From the ground up quest cut scene keeps crashing my console

Hello, any help would be greatly appreciated. I am playing on an Xbox one x on an early game mission in which you have to find the Sun Smasher chief. I kill all the bandits in the camp and make my way to the quest marker and the cut scene will begin, every single time the cut scene starts it causes my xbox to turn off instantaneously. When i turn it back on my xbox tells me it has over heated. I don’t think this is truly the problem as it only occurs at this cut scene and on no other game have I had this issue ever. I have re-installed the game 2 times, changed my settings to optimise performance over graphics. Unplugged the console and continuously pressed the power button. I have been waiting a long time for this game to come out and dropped close on £100 for the super deluxe edition. The game was a digital download from the xbox market place. Once more any help would be greatly received. I can’t progress through the story any more as this is a story arch.

Edit: Tried to enter matchmaking to see if I could do the mission on someone else game… Attempting to matchmake crashed my console too…

I have had the exact same problem as you, yet another profile (also on the X) had no trouble at all. Very frustrating as i have also got the super deluxe edition as well.

Ok Same exact thing for me. I’m on project Scorpio edition console. Basically crashes as soon as the dude scratches his butt. Idk if it’s a console or borderlands issue. I am going to try running the game on performance mode not resolution mode. Super frustrating. I also have the super deluxe edition.

I’m in the scorpio edition too, and It crashes my xbox as soon as the cutscene starts

Exact same issue here - tried multiple characters and crashes in exact same spot. Super Deluxe Edition here a s well.

Had exact same issue here on my Xbox One X.
I recognise this from the Borderlands GOTY edition too, I guess gearbox STILL hasn’t optimised the 4k properly yet!!
I changed the in game graphics down to “performance” rather than “resolution” and it worked perfectly after that.
Sucks we have to play in 1080p because they won’t optimise the game properly! Why do I even own the X if I can’t play in 4k??? Cheers gearbox…

Thanks @oreozzy - This fixed it for me. Agreed that Gearbox needs to optimize for 4k - but first world problems for sure… 1080p until I know they fix it, hopefully soon.