Front-loaders from Private Bean?

Is there anywhere else?

It is a world drop as well and with this week’s event of Loot enemies, you can test your luck with them as they should drop massive loot. Other than that, Private Beans is the only.

What type do you want? I have a decent one with a Corrosive annointment.

I would like one with rad damage, but I can’t ever get one to drop. Only fire and shock.

What exactly are loot enemies?

I have one with ase rad,add me an i’ll send it

You are the best! I about lost my mind with the face-puncher then this shield.

What do you want me to trade you in return? I got a load of other Frony Loaders, Old Gods, Face punchers, etc.

Any old god will be ok

Any good old god would be ok,really good on gear so it’s Np

Again, thank you!