Frostfire worth it?

Basically, the Frostfire freezes you too when you use it. Maybe if the game didn’t have that “you keep being frozen after respawn” glitch. But I’m too afraid to freeze myself and die while doing that (and also die because of the extra damage I’m letting enemies deal me).

But, with Lady Hammerlock, perhaps all her extra ice damage boosts could make it worth it?

Well, it is only possible to get at level 28.

If it does become possible to obtain at higher levels though, I would say it would be worth getting.
I messed around with it a while ago on lv 50 enemies, and it did quite a lot of damage for being only level 28.

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But not worth it if you’re specced into Avalanche, as dealing incendiary damage causes Avalanche stacks to decay rapidly.

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I recalled thinking that I shouldn’t be doing fire damage that often. I couldn’t remember why. She would pair nicely with Krieg. He’d do all the fire damage. But because we’re in TPS, Athena, again is a nice match (shock and fire).