Frozen enemies explosions killing me?!

I play brain freeze Zane and some cryo annointed stuff as well, but every time I’m withing melee range of a frozen enemy I shatter, they explode and one shot me. Happened multiple times making mayhem 4 anything super annoying.b

Might be Best Served Cold that’s screwing you here, assuming you’re spec’d into it. If you are, try putting those points elsewhere and see if it still happens. The damage from best served cold isn’t really worth it anyways.

Are you using a Radiation gun or the Radiation augment on sntl?

Are you talking about Anointed enemies you’re shattering?

I’d have to double check exactly what I’m specd into.

No radiation guns but yes the beam that weakens enemy’s on sntl is radiation damage so that would be the only source. And as for the enemy, it’s when I’m freezing any enemy and killing them, while being within a certain range, a cryo explosion animation seems to be killing me. Even if I’m full shield with shield action skill active and being held and running the re charger.

Okay. One last question:

Class mod? Because it’s sounding like a combo of BSC and Radiation explosions. I just have a theory I wanna think out here.

Seeing dead class mod with just some basic weapon stat buffs.

That should have moved the nova off your enemies and on to you. So. Try a few runs with a different sntl augment to see how it responds.

Sweet ill try that! Thank you it’s darn near unplayable