Frozen Heart/Ice Breaker question

A lot of melee builds benefit from using the Frozen Heart/Frozen Snowshoe to easily freeze foes and multiply their melee damage. Does anyone know what would happen if this combines with the Ice Breaker artifact to add a second multiplicative effect on frozen foes? i.e. 300% x 44% (I think that’s it) = a 432% damage boost.

If so, I imagine it could be pretty potent in the right build. Ice Breaker White Elephant going down red tree to take a point in Sustainment, green tree for melee damage and the rest in blue tree to hopefully get Laid Bare.

Depends if it’s additive, multiplicative, or “pick the highest of that effect”. If I’m not out of it this evening (been up since 5am) I’ll see if I can run some tests (if nobody beats me to it).

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Sounds good. I’d never thought of it but when I had an Ice Breaker White Elephant drop the other day I got to wondering. Could be a happy combo waiting to happen.

Ice Breaker is a V2 bonus, but I believe cryo is an independent multiplier for melee. So they would both multiply each other for a 4.32 damage boost.

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Well that’s pretty cool. I wonder what builds this might open up :thinking: