Frozen Moze -- Because who needs Vampyr

I’ve been playing with new build ideas that get away from the tried and true Vampyr/nade spam approach to things. One concept that I am working on currently is doing a riff off of Moxsy’s Chain Zane build, where he uses the Banjo and Redistributor to spread damage out among groups of enemies.

My first draft of the build looked something like this, the idea being to get extra Short Fuse procs off of enemies chained by the Banjo and Redistributor/Brainstormer. It worked fine when mob density was high, but there is a pretty steep DPS drop off once you’ve whittled them down to 1-2 mobs. I was also still relying on Vampyr for sustainment, so I knew I had to make major changes.

This is my second draft. You will see that I’ve abandoned the DW tree and splash damage weapons altogether in favor of a 1 HP build. It still has issues with damage drop off in 1v1 engagement, but I made it through the Slaughter Shaft on my first try without chucking a single nade:

For my next draft, I’m going to see how the same 1 HP skillset performs using a fire Redistributor/Brainstormer and either a Firewalker or Green Monster class mod.


Can’t view the video, it’s set to private

You beat the M4 SS? Very cool! What gear did you have on? I’m curious what you used to maintain your shield instead of bloodletter/vampyr.

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I couldn’t tell, was your sustain completely reliant on shield recharge rate and enemy shock weapons?

I have no idea how you took so little damage here though, I always have about 8 badass zealots firing launchers at me and tink turrets shooting me about 90 percent of the time haha. Even with 50k shield I lose it in about 20 seconds.


Yep, totally based on recharge and enemy shock weapons. I took so little damage because I was keeping groups of enemies locked down with cryo.

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I think if you could find a Cryo Redistributor that deals 2 mags of bonus shock damage, that might be super beneficial over a bonus cryo one. But that’s just a theory.

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The dmg in this video is low, really low o_O


And yet, it worked. Sometimes, finishing the marathon is more important to a person than winning it.


I’ve made a build sorta similar I used the green monster it’s much much stronger in 1v1v scenarios and aoe tbh because of the weird way the green monster reacts to certain things like hex nade and the chains on redistributer. It doesnt do as much damage on a bloodletter with same rolls sadly and I tried a explosive version with short fuse and just didbt seem to melt nearly as quick and was totally reliant on nades helping me kill. I finished a boss killing version of it recently just havnt made a vid in it

Interesting – I totally forgot that it did that. The consecutive hits anointed effect works the same way.

My redist is also the consecutive hits one lol

That’s probably where most of your damage boost is coming from. I swapped a Hex nade and a Green Monster into the build and the DPS increase was marginal. I’m uploading the Round 5 from Slaughter Shaft right now; will post momentarily.

I do the same from a cryo redist with 50%cryo in ase without actually triggering the annoint actually

Wheb testing dif mods you gotta make sure the rolls are the same otherwise you will def get different results

Also u dodnt have nuetral rolls u had SMG dmg theb 25%less crit it’s way better to test it with absolute nuetral mods

True – but the build is clearly not close to being done.

I’d love for it to get to a Takedown-ready state, but I don’t know if it ever will be. Bossing potential seems pretty low; the Brainstormer will do work on the shields, but I don’t know what I would do about the armor bar. 120% splash damage corrosive Cutsman?

Cutsman doesn’t do splash damage afaik

Shoot your feet. You can also check the parts on any gun; splash is usually listed in the barrel description.

The Cutsman beam is not affected by splash. Only the two outer pellets that creates the beam are affected.

It isnt splash. The build I run is 100%takedown ready. I just switch weapon and relic on wonton but not valks.