Frozen Sniper 33/33/1

I just want to know it this tree build is good as I base it on the guide on here. Just tell me what points should I move around.

You seem to be gunning mainly for sniper usage?

Wait for it… is worthless in my book.

I personally wouldn’t run both I never miss and Warning shot in the same build. I guess you can but stacking of INM and proccing of WS are in direct conflict with each other so you’ll never benefit of both at the same time.

1 point in Winter’s weil is enough to do the freezing magic. It doesn’t really do a lot of damage at 5/5 that I’ve noticed.

1 point is also good for Bitter riposte. It actually deals very good damage with more points but the main benefit of freezing opponents is the same with 1 point in it.

If you are using Celestial Baroness you should put at least 1 point into Only the best. Or just put points in it if you are using snipers a lot, it counter acts Large Caliber negative effect nicely on snipers.

On the right side I’d build until you get 5/5 Quality not quantity as it’s a very good passive buff. Depending on what you wield I’d also suggest building into 5/5 Next to cleanliness as that too is a great passive buff if your equipment supports it.

So something like this maybe:

I didn’t include next to cleanliness because that would require further changes. The points in Short summer could go to Only the best if you don’t want action skill cooldown.

My 2 cents.

EDIT: I left wait for it… in my suggestion. Did a correction to the link. The freed up points that I put into Only the best and Short summer would be enough to reach next to cleanliness too.