Frozen Snowshoe + Distributed Denial ... can somebody test?

The Frozen Snowshoe shield combines the Red Card with the Frozen Heart; upon sliding into enemies, you drain your shields in exchange for a Frozen Heart nova. While you can damage enemies with cryo as long as you have any amount of shields to spend, as the Red Card usually performs. the Frozen Heart nova only works, as far as I know, when you let your shield recharge completely.

Let’s say you have Distributed Denial, and you are carrying your barrier along with you. Since the barrier technically counts as a shield that is always full as long as it has duration, does that mean that you will be able to emit Frozen Heart novas every time you slide? If this were to be the case, I can imagine some nasty CCC builds spawning from this interaction; guaranteed freeze on demand by just sliding, then healing 30% of your health? Yes, please!

Interesting. Is that one of the new MM4 shields? :thinking:

is this a new shield? havent seen it before. following tthis thread, hope you get answers

Indeed it is. Though, I am unsure if it is just a M4 world drop, or a drop from the Maliwan Takedown specifically.

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I am curious if anyone else has tried this. I just got the shield a bit ago and initial testing was interesting. Picking up the dome does not seem to impact the slide and the nova that the dome emits deals 1 damage but still freezes.

That makes it sound like the Frozen Heart damage is tied to some sort of mechanic involved with the Red Card effect. And since the Red Card buffs your slides, I wonder if this means that the possibility of manipulating a slide artifact that adds projectiles to reap Frozen Heart benefits is out there…

So this combo works? Slide = instafreeze multiple times?

It should be noted that the Frozen Heart specifically states that it’s a “Freezing,” Nova while the damage on the Snowshoe is a “Cryo” Nova.

The effects will be similar, however I do believe that the freezing nova is a guaranteed freeze whereas the Cryo damage isn’t a guarantee.

I could, however, could be wrong and I’m just basing this off of the verbiage of the items.

You are correct the Frozen heart is a guaranteed freeze unlike a normal cryo nova.

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Takedown. None of the new Shields are M4.

Any test done? I have 2 anointed snowshields, +5 violent momentum class mod, snowdrift crazy role I was going try see how much dmg I can pump out today.

I mean, if you have the means to run the test, I’d suggest you run it and report your results.