Frozen Wrath skin location

Can anyone suggest an advantageous location to farm for this skin? I’ve been trying in the Scaylion cave in Scylla’s Grove. But after 53 runs so far last night and this morning I’ve picked up nothing. Any advice? Thanks in advance!

Ardorton Station (near fast travel) and Candlerakk’s Crag.
I got one from Tailless Scaylion at Candlerakk’s Crag.

Thanks. Was finally able to pick one up in Scylla’s grove before I checked your message. Tailless scaylions were being stingy!!

I think any of the rare creatures from the side mission “I Like My Monsters Rare” mission has an increased chance to drop the skin. I got two drops yesterday within 20 minutes of each other: one from an albino skag in Scylla’s Grove and the other from a Tailless Scaylion in Candlerakk’s Crag. This may have already been established elsewhere but it was a revelation to me. :smile:

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