Frustrating GBox just plain frustrating

Last night I cough “hosted” 4 games that is four (4). What is frustrating about this version of multi is this: (a) while loading the game your opponents or 2 outta the 3 will drop. Regional lock outs gotta go how the heck is it in '99 I could belong to and play with a Clan based in the UK but I cannot play with these people here in 2015? I said it once I will say it again the complete lack of a chat lobby in multi is bad if I can’t see a list of players on and they can’t see me and all you see is a list of 4+ games that you can’t join for it is password protected, how long do you think it is before people find something else to do?

You need to stop with the regional play only, you need to fix this password thing. And you most assuredly need to give us a Lobby akin to WON or Gamespy. If I go to multi-player right now I lose interest fast after trying to join 3 or 4 games that are all password protected. And if I cannot see the other 200 or more people looking for a game I’m just gonna go do something else. Right now I have the benefit of playing HW Classic and HW2 for the first time in my life as the disc copy I bought long ago was borked. It would even be nice to know you guys are reading this. To the devs that went over to work on this from the old Homeworld how could you let this stand this way? Regional, no lobby etc…etc…etc…


^^^^ This +1

HW:R has region lock??? :open_mouth: Goddammit Gearbox…

I preordered this game, because I decided to trust old Relic devs. It was a bad idea. I will never do it again.

It’s clearly rushed and not really in a suitable state for public use yet, but at least we’ve got access to it - albeit with a big fat Beta disclaimer.

It’s such a shame because the multiplayer game count right now is pitiful, especially with most games being passworded. I suspect that many potential new players are put off and are just going to disappear, dissatisfied, and won’t return, unlike the more hardcore historical players still living with the desperate hope for improvements.

Saying all of that I’d still personally put more of an emphasis on the critical, core gameplay mechanics that leave us homeworld 1 fans feeling royally screwed over though.

This is such wideeeeee problem, everyone is having problems, makes me think, have you guys even tested this thing!?
Or even worst, yeah we tested, but it is beta so whatever if it doesnt work.

In fairness I’ve never crashed in singleplayer or multiplayer yet, nor failed to join a game.

I suspect people are minimizing or are impatient and quitting during the loading screens.

Progress displays of your peers during loading would probably alleviate this problem, chalk that one up on the todo list!

It’s not ‘locked’ and they didn’t intend for it to limit who you could play against. It will be fixed.

For now, some people have found that changing their steam download location to another region changes what region their MP is showing.

What I am about to say isn’t a counter argument Crowley. Indeed, I share your frustrations. There has been a general trend to first split people up into language groupings and then regions. Sometimes this is due to commercial rights which often get split up amongst the different regions but not only this. There is a strong ideological force to maintain national identities and one of the major drivers for ‘regionalising’ the Internet has been this dominant ideology and those that advocate it. The US actually has its military and intelligence agencies trawl gaming communities and then seeds conversations using bots to propagate its ideological perspective (it is true I kid you not!).

Luckily for us Gearbox has stated that the goal is to have one community / player-base so hopefully that will come to fruition soon.

In all fairness, you are wrong.

well now it’s as if you’ve jinxed my client, multiplayer is locking up during loading nearly 90% of games now after it wasn’t happening at all for the first couple of days.

No jinx my friend. I have a beast of a computer, own 160+ games on Steam, have 120MB/sec download speed cable (decent upload speed too) and I am a patient adult (for the most part). I am not doing anything that causes the downloading content freeze or others to not load in when I host games.

I have taken to playing 3 real players including myself and 5 AI opponents on Hard with maybe one or two experts. With only 3 people trying to get into a game I have a much higher success rate I think we played 5 games and only the 6th did not load which was when I got stuck on download content.

I had this dropout issue with a few friends too, then I fixed it.

Two words.


It was blocking some of my homeworld remastered multiplayer, not sure what exactly, but giving the game a “please don’t block this” tick on the control panel fixed everything.

It’s not just the new players, most of my friends that were HW1 players are already so disgusted they probably won’t be coming back.

Kinda getting to that point myself , bought this game hot of the presses waaaay back in '99 never experienced half the ‘stuff’ I experience here. I immediately bought this because of the involvement of the old Relic people. However seems my trust was misplaced. I know it only a week some will say, however if a company in 1999 can turn out a game that was for the most part playable even in multiplayer and it kept on going for literally years because of the game play and that special lobby we knew as WON and we played against players from ALL areas of this planet ie: one of my old Clans had members from Israel and even one from Bolivia. We rarely dropped in a game or crashed on load and I mean extremely rarely. We Had FUN, this a week in is so frustrating its like or to me it seems like a day before release the powers that be said “omg we forgot multiplayer, throw something together hope no one notices”…

Yes it’s a beta but it seems like an after thought to me that the original intention was to throw out there two remastered single player games. This I could have understood. This as it stands is so beyond frustrating that I have taken to playing others games already. Funny HW 1999 I played for going on 5 years , remastered? less than a week. HW 1999 frankly the big draw after reaching Hiigara was in fact that WON lobby and the amazing multiplayer experience it brought. And to a lesser degree in HW2. So far I had two games where players made it to the playing field one the guy just watched me build the other a good one on one where both of us scuttled our carriers and went with MS only like CLASSIC. The other 5 or 6 I attempted to host were lost in the load and I won all six on the sheer and stupid fact that I made it to the field. We are a week in and frankly the least GBox could do is get the frack in here and acknowledge the level of frustration. Not this silence from the people who said they would be engaging the community to make MP as awesome as could be… nuff said rant off.


Seems to be clear that they spend to few time on the multiplayer and it resulted in this anoying nightmare. This should have never gone public but then a lot less ppl would have bought it without the multiplayer including me. That they did even new voice acting but didnt finnish the multiplayer really annoys me. All we got is this alphabuild from hell with all the old bugs and a gazillion new :-1:

That’s why they called it a BETA

ya know, that massive orange text on the main menu?

I can assure everyone that gbx are reading this forum and doing everything they can to progress the multiplayer.

got fix host crashing as well, I like carrier only games with relic to spice things up, crates for that maybe extra boost and bounty to keep everyone going a bit, but no one host game like that and if I host my self, fun for others but I Always crash in loading and i’m about to give up, good old memories of carrier only battles of 15 years ago slowly destroying with multiplayer that is not beta, its more a alpha.

dont tell me its so hard to fix 99% crash changes for peopl that host beyond 1 player.


It might say Beta but us people in the industry know that the quality of this particular release is below Alpha. You can put lipstick on a pig but its still a pig. To release multiplayer in the current state is a slap in the face to long time fans of this franchise and those who faithfully gave up their pre-order dollars believing in Gearbox.

We will see whats in this up and coming patch. By the way, when did Gearbox say this patch would be targeted for? What did they say would be in it?

Hit that there ‘dev tracker’ button above to see what the Orange people say.