Frustrating Loot Mobs - rant

It’s probably just me, but I find the loot mobs to be frustrating. Most often I just find a trail of money, meaning I never saw the thing. If I notice it, it’s already heading into its portal/hole.

I know that I’m not “losing” anything by missing them, but it annoys me that I have to play a specific way (rush in, guns blazing) if I want a chance at them. I can’t play my way, because picking off a few mobs from a distance just alerts the looters and they take off.

And forget tracking them when there’s a swarm of mobs to contend with. Diablo 3 added a message once you engage their loot goblins, even if it was accidental (thanks Jabber!).

And on the few times I managed to track one down fast enough to unload into it, they just shrug off damage the drops badasses and port out. At least the yellow loot ghosts were noticeable before you engaged them.

Anywho, they just feel like something added to frustrate and disappoint players. But that’s just me.


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If you do catch them early enough into their portal animation, you can break it by meleeing them; sometimes it takes a few hits though

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Thanks, I’ll try that next time, assuming I can get close enough.

It might be wrong and down me more often than it should… but as soon as i see 1 the rest of the mob doesnt matter; little harder said than done as ive only found them in the anvil lately

Phasegrasp works great.

I don’t even remember the last time I’ve even seen one. Maybe in November?

The last one I saw was hauling ass directly away from the battlefield and I barely caught a glimpse of it and mostly just saw the money trail.

The best part is even if you catch one on TVHM M4 you’re likely to be rewarded with a couple of greens blues and if you’re lucky a purple.


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That is so true. I had managed to kill some annoying bot (after several failed attempts) in Lectra City. I want to say his name is Jenkins or Lemmy or something. Anywho, I had finally killed him, died to all of the mobs I had aggro’d but ignored, and got a purple and two greens. Nothing worth picking up.

The other time I got close to killing him, my quasar launched him over some buildings and off the map. I was laughing too much to be mad about it.

@kennyaparsons I did have luck with Phasegrasp, about the only skill (and thus class) that I can use reliably. But then I’m also PL some lowbies, I the gobs drop a lot easier too.

It seems the show up a lot more when following the story than in post-story farming.