Frustrating Phoebe teleport bugs, video logs

Someone explain to me why this teleport canceled, there’s no reason. This was supposed to be a teleport > alt > gank and run.

This has been happening a lot and getting really frustrating, the cooldown being consumed is just an extra slap in the face. This along with the whole teleport not resetting when it’s supposed to using contingency plan is maddening. To play phoebe you’re relying on these teleports to kill and survive and it’s one of 2 things she has going for her. I’ve started recording but have not caught the no reset since.


Here’s some more examples from today… (no that is not a galilea silence)

And an example of teleport not being reset on shield break, as you can see I teleported with full shield, landed, shields broke, and no reset…

Somehow the slow acted as an interupt… because MAGIC.

They probably “fixed” the ability to teleport past the wall on the snipers nest by having it so Phoebe can’t teleport in a certain area. The area seems to be a bit bigger than intended though. That’s just my guess after reading over the patch notes.

Maybe @scottv can look into the issue or @JoeKGBX can.

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It’s been that way since before the patch, it’s not only in one particular area and I teleport through that area all the time, frequently in fact.

I’ll be saving it every time it happens from now on, maybe I’ll be able to find a pattern.

this is what should have happened BTW

  1. You asked for a reason as to why it was happening.
  2. You posted the issue happening in an area that was recently patched
  3. You hadn’t mentioned that this issue has been happening to you since before the patch
  4. I haven’t had this issue at all while playing Phoebe, I have never had a teleport cancelled in any map/mode, so it seemed like it was a new issue
  5. I haven’t seen anything else on these Forums that mentions this issue.

So with these facts listed out I gave you my best thought as to why it was happenning. The more information you give, the easier it will be to fix the issue.

Phoebe’s teleport gets canceled for me all the time. The only thing I can see is when I aim that teleport at something like a minion, player, etc. it won’t let me teleport directly on them. That’s the only thing I can think of.

usually when it’s canceled because the landing location is no good, the cooldown is not consumed though.

I’ve had similar issues on the front side of the sniper perch. I’d be trying to use the teleport to escape, but it would cancel and go on cooldown. I just thought that I was getting canceled by something, but on review, I don’t remember this happening before the patch. Since I usually only getting shot, this could be a similar issue that you’re looking at as well.

Did you have the Helix that resets Phasegate cooldown when shield breaks?
I have noticed that if you have that helix and shield breaks while you are teleporting, you do not get teleported.

Yes always, and when reviewing the video I did notice it seemed to cancel right when the shield broke, but I have not been able to record it any other times yet so I did not want to speculate.

I have problems with PG not resetting on shield break as well.

Here’s some more examples from today… (no that is not a galilea silence)

And an example of teleport not being reset on shield break, as you can see I teleported with full shield, landed, shields broke, and no reset…

I’ve had this happening to me as well, before the patch. Haven’t played Phoebe yet after the last patch.

Also, you should look into another video hosting site as that one is pretty malicious with the new tab popups and fake warning messages.

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This is regularly brought up in discussions on Phoebe. Many think it is a bug with contingency plan. I can’t recall if it’s ever happened to me pre-contingency plan at level 6… but I do remember it happening maddeningly often and almost always leading to my death.

One of those videos shows it happening at lvl 1, also not at time of shield break.

Haven’t played Pheobe that often but that reset helix has never worked for me. Can’t recall if I’ve had the no teleport bug.

Overall skill cooldowns completely resetting when they fail is aggravating. Happens to me way too often with Cald He’ll just take out his knife when dashing but won’t move an inch if you don’t jump before using Dash. And bam, full CD.
At least he has maneuverability outside of his Dash, Pheobe depends on her teleport…

(Though granted I do think that if you fight someone in front of their base turrets, you shouldn’t survive.)

It works fine (most of the time, which is the problem). You need to remember that your shield needs to hit full for it to trigger. If your shield never fully recharges between uses, it won’t trigger, which is intended. The problem here is the times when it is definitely supposed to work, and doesn’t or the teleport itself fails.

Nice. Would be good to find out what is causing this. Until then I’m not playing Phoebe.Too frustrating (for this and other reasons).

And yet another example of the cool down not resetting. How the hell does one get someone from gearbox to actually respond?

Other people have had more success posting directly to 2k. But you can always make a ticket for the issue.

For the record…I have noticed this as well. When I talked to my bf about it, he said it was getting cancelled because I was taking too much damage while casting. I’m not sure if he’s right since I didn’t notice this same thing when I first started playing as her.