Frustration begins

I’ve been farming demoskagins on mayhem 4 for the knight hawkin that has zanes shield annoint have found one but it’s the wrong scope I’m looking for, been on this run over 100 times just a bit frustrated and needed someone vent to about it

Yesterday I’d been farming Agonizer in Normal MH3 and MH4 and found a bunch of Night Hawkins. That might be an alternative source for you.

I thought only demoskags and rakkman were the only ones that dropped it?

It is also a world drop.

Ohhhh ok thought it was only from dedicated loot drops

I do not think it is dedicated anywho. Plus if you are farming dedicated, your chances are worse. RNG world drop is better RNG believe it or not.


Oh ok gotcha yeah I kinda wish loot drops were dedicated to specific maps personally not specific enemies.


The traitor dude, forgot his name, seemed to have a good drop chance for me.
It’s a pretty common world drop i think.

Are you on PC?

Yeah pc and I went to agonizer and never dropped for me

Freddie the traitor dropped me 4 and 2 were anointed

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Which specific barrier anointment are you looking for?

Well I thought their was only one for weapons which increased crit damage, I have one that increases fire rate and reload speed when sntnl is active but it really isnt needed since my fire rate and reload are already increased, I have a mod that increases dahl fire rate by 15% and dmg by 31% already trying to focus on those and dont need anymore fire rate above what I already have imo. I mean the one I have is working out but want the barrier one to compare and most likely switch over to. It’s just I want a specific scope as well which is the 1.5 scope i have pretty good accuracy and the other scopes just mess up my fov which messes up my accuracy

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IMHO, the Night Hawkin with the +50% cryo on SNTNL anointment is superior to the Barrier accuracy anointment because…it’s a Dahl. The weapon already has really good accuracy, and if you have any points in GR Accuracy, you honestly don’t need any more when it comes to Dahl weapons. I’m also of the opinion that it’s superior to the Barrier status effect chance bonus because SNTNL is generally up longer than Barrier (assuming you aren’t using CCC, or fail to reset your timers if you are using it).

That said, it also depends on whether you’re running SNTNL or Clone. Obviously, if you’re not running SNTNL, then the SNTNL anointment is pointless. If you are, then I stand by my previous statement. I’ll add that I spent a LOT of time farming these. The better versions have the higher mag capacity and three modifiers on them, not including the anointment, and come in full auto and burst fire modes. I use the full auto for general mobbing, and burst fire for tougher mobs like Badasses.

Regardless of whether you take my advice or not, I’m glad to see someone else is using this amazing SMG, and I hope you find what you’re looking for.

It’s cool I consider everyone’s advise I ask for I’m using the seein dead mod currently and it already gives 15% weapon fire rate to dahl and +31% SMG dmg and +55% torque weapon projectile speed which is great because knight hawkin is my favorite gun and I just like normal style guns I know I could get more dmg outta tounge and slide shot reloading but that is just to much multi tasking and I just wanna run and gun which the knight hawkin fits into perfectly along with dahl I’m also using a breath of the dying as well and ion cannon for back up burst on large hp targets. I actually have barrier up more than sntnl and I prefer that I actually want to get off sntnl and go the barrier grenade build I have that gens nades the same level as moze I rarely run out.

Keep in mind that SNTNL drops grenades for free, among other things. So while it may not be a very good pet in terms of DPS, the utility it brings is extremely useful. It’s also key for increasing your own DPS if you’re running Synchronicity.

But to each his own. If you want to run a single AS build, more power to you, in which case the Barrier anointment that increases status effect chance would serve you better.

Oh I understand completely but it’s even better to continuosly throw recurring hexes at the enemy that have the chance to keep genning more nades to throw. The dps actually out shines the dmg given by +40% synchronicity which you will still have +20% synchronicity from having sheild up along with hp gen from salvation and donnybrook. My question is do your nades gain dmg from the combination of violent speed and momentum I thing they do but not certain since everytime I run that build the board is so cluttered with dmg numbers I cant see.

I have received tons from Freddie farm in the vip area. if you have the new dlc that is.

I don’t see the problem as much as drop rates but more people are looking for the unicorn.

Let me explain

if you wanted a 9 volt (just picking something) and farmed killavolt 10 or 20 or 100 times and it drops great, but it’s generic so you are unhappy. You wanted x sights, and Y prefix, and this anointment etc… I am not sure if that’s a your problem or a game problem. of there is a 2% drop rate and in that 2% you get your 9 volt that’s what it is. So is the issue that the drop rate is 2% and needs a buff ? Or that you are chasing that unicorn that has a 0.005% chance to drop within that 2%