FT 2 lvl 1 infinities

I have 2 lvl 1 Infinity pistols to trade. Lf anointed melee amarra gear

Im always farming more infinities, so even if it looks like Ive traded the 2 here I probably have more, just contact me.

i have a anointed face puncher with +100% melee dmg

add me CatalystofAnubis

Hey op add me
Psn keleguar

I currently have 3 more available, Lf anointed brawler ward and a good class mod


have 3 currently

Would take one, what you want in exchange?

not to picky currently playing an melee amara and a fl4k so other than an anointed face puncher im open to anything

I got an anointed brawler ward

do you need an infinity lvl 1?

also what anoint

I could use one and its the phaseslam melee damage

I got Recurring hex in Cryo, MIRV Tacular Hex in radiant.
Also Butchers and Laser-Sploders or Pestilent Infinity lvl 50.

1 left but i can get more

I have stimulating devils foursum in shock with phaseslam weapon damage?