[FT] M10 Plasma Coil Anoint: Phasecast +250%

Got bored so I tried out Arms race. I’m… not a big fan. Managed to get a Plasma Coil (which everyone seems to be raving about) but I don’t use Phasecast.

If you’re interested go ahead and shoot me a message on PSN
PSN ID: Zethren527

I’m looking to trade it for a different Anointed PlasCoil or A class mod from the below list. (I’d also be down to hear out offers)

Dragon (NO Restless, Damage, Cooldown)
Elementalist (NO Infusion, AS Cooldown)
Phasezerker (Conflux +5 OR no Clarity, Weapon Damage)
Spiritual Diver (NO Clarity, AS Cooldown)
Bounty Hunter (Weapon damage, AS Cooldown)
R4kk P4k (Grim Harvest, Pack Tactics)
Tr4iner (Grim Harvest, Pack Tactics)
Bloodletter (Desperate Measures, Thin Red Line, Weapon Damage, Health Regen, Shield Cap, AS Cooldown)
Sapper (The Iron Bank +5)
Hustler (Like A Ghost +5)
Seein’ Dead (NO Playing Dirty, Weapon Damage, AS Cooldown)


I’m interested by your plasma coil.

I have some good class mod to trade.

Add me to Psn.

Gonna go ahead and bump this just in case anyone is still interested in messaging me on PSN for the gun.

Still haven’t heard from anyone so I’ll do one last bump then I’ll just keep in the stash I suppose.

PSN ID: Zethen527
Feel free to message me if you’re interested.