FT - purging Bank items

I’m looking for …

SNTNL + 100% Cryo
Cutsman - corrosive, fire
Redistributor - shock, cyro, radiation, corrosive
Night Hawkin - 14.04 fire rate
Spooling Recursion
Transformer shield- SNTNL +15% movement
Recurring Hex - On grenade thrown
Seein dead mod - +25% weapon damage,
+25%smg damage


I have this in cryo

I have these in the 130 digi clone swap if interested

What do you want for the Hex?

Been lookin for an upgrade to my seein dead. Looking specifically for a Donnybrook/Playing Dirty skill combo with majority points in Donnybrook (or all) with Splash Damage and either weapon damage or Pistol Damage. Granted, pretty specific, but there is always a chance.


Bump…anybody need anything. May trash some of these

yesh deathshot1234. sent me whatever u dont need O_O

Sent you a bunch of stuff

Thank you so much my man

Updated list
i am searching for this:
Rowan’s call ASE weapon dmg 100% - coro
Lucian’s call ASE weapon dmg 100% - radiation/electric
King’s call ASE weapon dmg 100% (fire and coro)
Queen’s call ASE weapon dmg 100% (cryo and coro)
Annexed Lyuda 125% more dmg - fire/radiation
Recurring hex electric annointed 25% dmg on throw
Reinforced re-charged with capacity 13411 with annointed on ASE action skill cd rate is increase by 20%
Victory rush artifact with assault weapon dmg, mag size, action skill cd
St4ckbot mod with : Sniper dmg, vladof critical dmg, weapon dmg
or all weapons with 100% on rakk if there are no other possibility.

my psn: diabolick90
fell free to add me

I have a carrier with the stnl with cryo psn:FallenDark200

What do you want for it?

Add me FallenDark200 and I’ll mail it your way

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FR sent. Thank you!

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