FTP or Trial confirmed?

With the new founder title and the new incursion draft mode description it is pretty much confirmed…


How do you get the founder title? I’m not going to be able to play til tomorrow. It’s not a limited time title is it?

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It just appeared unlocked for me. So, it may be limited time offer or tied to an account that has been active for a while. who knows.

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I don’t need sleep, I need that title.

I’m turning my PS4 on right now.

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Just don’t blow up your PS4 in the process again, 'kay?

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If this is true, then BRAVO. Finally, The Last Hurrah is here.

So far so good. That was strange earlier. Pstation inexplicably stopped working then magically started working again.

Why no capture?!

Edit: didn’t mean to go off topic, just noticed that in the screenshot it only said incursion and meltdown

This does heavily imply that the trial version is going live
I’m assuming new players will get access to the initial 5 BB and access to Quick Match, The Prologue, Training, and maybe a mission or two.
But what do I know :grinning:

Super curious about their pricing model :thinking:

I’m none too sold on the idea of a f2p model run by the same people who did what they did to Evolve, not to mention a CEO who sees dollar signs instead of people. For example

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I really really really hope this is finally true. I’ve been wanting to play this game on PC for a year but all I hear is “the PC community is as good as dead.”

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I’ll be telling my friends about it and try to convert them from OW but I feel I’d be more annoying than a door to door Jehovah witness

…is where this is being discussed, thanks, folks!