FU to the 4th DLCs crew challenges

Way to hard for any game please redo them, thank you.

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What are they? I just got in.

I think it’s just that they clearly designed it without thinking about controller aiming.


Took me a bit to get he hang of it, and they are do-able.
But yes, a pain with a controller, I generally dislike timed things like that, so I’m not doing any more of them.


Slightly more time would be nice. I was playing through on single player and found it frustrating. Picking the right weapon helped though, in my case a Jakobs masher. I then played a bit of co-op and it worked much better.


I did one, and never again…
they probably changed developers on the crew challenges. I rather be killing mini bosses as crew challenges and get unique good loots instead of shooting orbs on a timer


I got them all. I started pausing and opening photo mode to see ALL the balls and the directions they go. There were a few that hid quite well and I would not have seen them at all without photo mode.


anything nice you get for doing all of them ?

Use an Infinity.


Basically a mini-game where you have to hit a number of targets in a short period of time. They start out fairly doable but later on there’s a few that are a right and proper pain to do.

Yeah, gotta agree. It took me like 15-20 minutes to get the last one in the Benediction of Pain because there’s just way too many to properly keep track of.
I ended up using a Dahl ASP sniper I got in the mail because it’s fast, accurate and has a good magazine size for a sniper.
And that was on Mouse and Keyboard, I can’t imagine how obnoxious it must be using a controller. Don’t get me wrong, I like the DLC but the Crew challenges aren’t its strong suit.
And it’s a bit of a shame, too, because they could have had a lot of fun designing stuff. They could have had mini-bosses representing some kind of delusion or trauma that needs fixing or send you on the lookout for a key to a memory or something like that. Skeet shooting is just kind of uninspired and some of them are just not balanced well.


Made them all solo with a flipper on my ps4. Wasn’t really that hard once you remembered where the orbs are. For the last one I needed about 8 tries or so but it’s not difficult at all.

Still no excuse for getting no mini bosses or so…

There’s only 5 (or 6?). The rest are decoys. You have to look for the ones that actually shoot out from the box.


Oh… That explains a lot. And I was already wondering why not all of the orbs got proper traces…

I completely them all without much trouble and it really wasn’t worth it in the end. Was surprised that it was the only crew challenge of the dlc was kinda expecting more, much like many of the side quests. Was the dlc I got all trophies the fastest, had to Google only one of them.

what do you get for completing all of them

An ECHO theme

Too annoying so I quit doing them. I thought this game was supposed to be fun.


people have problem shooting stationary targets

too hard in 2020 make it easier gearbox


People have difficulties doing it on a short timer when the targets are scattered all over the place with fake targets thrown into the mix.