FU to the 4th DLCs crew challenges

God forbid a challenge is challenging.


Can they be gotten with a root? Blanket AOE damage? Carpet bombing? Sharp sticks?

I used my trusty Light Shows, the bullet spread means that you’ll nick the orb with at least one pellet pretty quickly. The challenge on consoles is the sllllooooowwww pan from one orb to the next. When I play on my Mac it’s a flick of the mouse, on console you’re just yelling at the screen move faster!!!


Oh, those things… look like the Typhon logs on acid, interact and little glowing orbs spray out, gotta shoot them before the timer runs out?

Yeah, those could have been way harder. In the context of an otherwise fast-paced FPS, these were a cute little diversion during break time between mobs. I got 'em all without much issue, picked up the skin, but I was expecting some “Drink your Ovaltine” message when Tannis got all the clues. Did I miss it?

Watch before shooting. Use ADS, a low recoil sniper with a deep mag, fast projectiles, and good zoom.

Using a Droog and taking a second to observe and plan my shots helped.

Just an echo skin barely worth the effort, I got more cosmetics farming certain bosses for their dedicated drops than doing every crew challenge

Is that a Crew Challenge at the Crimson Castle? No way I’m doing that if it is- my vertigo has gotten so bad that I start to feel it even in video games.

Those memory panels are the only crew challenges

lmao i’m not doing them then

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The in story reward is a bit a lore that’s part of a teaser for what Krieg might ultimately do.

This. It is fairly doable without too much trouble with an infinity, only difficulty is Tannis bitching when you mess up.

Did I miss something? I collected all , pressed the button, and Krieg was like ’ oh if it comes back to me why it is important I ll tell you’ huh ok ? I don t get it…

There is an echo, or flashback during the story where Dr. Benedict mentions the patient (Krieg) crying out for his son, and that it’s a result of their suffering of something to that effect. It wasn’t clear if the doctor’s noting this was to record an aberration (Krieg not actually having a son, or actually having a daughter instead).

En route to Dr. Benedict there is a side mission called Mother’s Milk that is a bit of a non sequitor other than establishing that there was a mother figure in Krieg’s life that encouraged he get big and strong. And she looked like a bandit in his mind, even though Sane Krieg was the original Krieg.

Then after defeating Dr. Benedict we enter the white light to see A dark haired man (right) a blonde haired woman (left) and a dark haired little girl (middle) walking of, and Krieg saying this is the last time he’ll see his past.

So his recollection of the nursery rhyme being significant can connect back to his own childhood, or be the first seed of Krieg not having completely let go of his connection to his own family and child. He recalls being a bounty hunter, and a quest to find his family would make for a pretty compelling story, be that his parents or his wife and children.

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Oh I know what he’s talking about. I tried and re-did one about 1,000 times last night before I finally got it. The one where the console spits out 6 rays and you have to shoot the flares at the end of each. Oh man, was I pissed after the 800th or so try, but I didn’t give up, even though I wanted to smash the living crap out of my controller. After the 15th or so weapon swap I got one, but know I’ve learned my lesson, no more.

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Thanks for claryfying that, there were a few things that I missed indeed.

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