Fuel in Homeworld Remastered

The Classic Homeworld 1 had fuel for strikecraft, and some people were missing this feature in the Remastered HW1, actually the Kadeshi Swarmers had this feature working. Why it was’t implemented in the other HW1 races I’m not sure, maybe they thought that it wasn’t worth the effort and it would end up complicating things unnecessarily.

Anyway, I used to work with this feature in classic HW2, the original script was provided by PulsarMagic, for the Homeworld REMASTERED Mod, and I did an adaptation for this new version. I used Pulsar’s approach rather than the original Remastered because it was simpler and easier to tune for me since I’ve worked on it before.

Right now my implementation is as simple as possible because I was afraid of the possible performance hit, but after some testing I noticed that the performance hit is pretty low because the load is well spread in time, compared to the HW2 implementation I had where all ships needed to be updated in a single pass. This was possible because the remastered allows for each ship to load a script individually and is updated independently form all other ships.

The script needs some improvements regarding to its features and accuracy, but I will keep improving it.
Also I would like to know if PulsarMagic is still around the modding community, he did a lot of other features that can be applied to the current HWR.


You can reach him here.

You mean the email there, right, because he doesn’t visit that page quite often (only 60 seconds online).

Aside from that, I’m looking for a SobGroup Function that can get CodeRed or CodeGreen state, maybe there is a new function that is not in the old reference list, but I’m afraid that I’ll not find one.

Well, he doesn’t visit often, but when there’s a PM, he might get an e-mail, not necessary the public one. Send a message and he will answer.

If you give more details of how this sobGroup works, maybe after the next patch, the GBX guys can create one for you if it’s applicable more broadly. (@Burly)

I was thinking if CurrentCommandState could recognize if a ship is in active combat, but for the moment looking around Relic News Forums I found this “SobGroup_GetCurrentOrder(CustomGroup)” but I’m not sure if it will work, I’ve gotta make some tests.