Fuel the Rampage >:(

This mother humpin’ skill. Why? Just why? Gearbox, this skill is the biggest “Eff you, player!” skill in existence. There’s no point in getting your action skill cooled down faster if you’re just going to die again from friendly fire as soon as you do.

If you plan on playing Krieg in the future (or currently are playing as him) please avoid this skill. It’s not going to help you, it’s going to hurt you and not in the good way. Also ruins co-op when I join a game and for some reason the host has this. One swipe of the FotF and the host is now dead and I can’t do anything to help.

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This skill is best left for solo play- anyone in co-op- particularly the host- that has this skill is doing themselves no favors. If the host to doesn’t want to respec then IMO find another game- and maybe ask in advance if they have it?

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Yes, it’s pretty much only useful for solo play, and gets redundant as soon as you can get release the beast.

Krieg is all about risk versus reward: he likes smacking himself in the face and setting himself on fire. Why wouldn’t he be effected by friendly fire? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: But I agree that it’s a terrible skill in co-op and should be skipped if you’re playing with others, especially trolls who will intentionally down you just because they can.

Fuel the Rampage is really only good for solo play (before unlocking RtB) or for a really cohesive team play.

Why use FtR in coop?

11/6 w/Slab Class mod. You’ll only receive ~1% damage. Very silly still but at least you’ll likely not get killed by teammates. Honestly though they should patch it to make it have a better beginning damage reduction (or add damage reduction in general as an effect for it) or something similar to make it better outside of Solo play.

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This I would be OK with. But at that point, there’s only 1 reason I could see that would make this skill useful. If the person with Fuel the Rampage is also using a FotF and is moving from point A to point B but the shield is about to start recharging and doesn’t want to wait for it to finish fully recharging.