Fugitive + Tunnel Vision + Our Man Flynt + Cold Shoulder + Damned

I’ve been thinking about fun/interesting purple tree interactions.

So Fugitive allows Zane to sprint and shoot and the same time.
Tunnel Vision gives increased accuracy and handling the quicker Zane moves.
Our Man Flynt gives bonus damage and automatic status effect application with crit while aiming down sights.
Cold Shoulder changes the MNTIS to cryo and increases freeze rate.
The Damned activates a reflective (Hyperion) shield and has no movement speed penalty when aiming down sights. It can drop in any element, but cryo is kinda Zane’s thing. Probably want one with iron sights either way, though. Running with a x5 scope sounds wonky, especially at Zane speeds. Obviously MNTIS 100% damage anointment, though SNTNL Cryo, or Clone Ammo Regen may also be viable.

So you’d be aiming down sights, sprinting, shooting, inflicting increased freeze-rate cryo from at least 2 sources, with auto-slow on crit, with increased accuracy and handling, and a front-facing reflective shield.

Now, let’s say you throw in Violent Speed/Momentum. :exploding_head:
I feel like a Spy or Antifreeze is the way to go here, but with the right rolls, a Seein Dead or Executor could work.

What shield? Super Soldier? Cryo Old God? Cryo Stinger? Frozen Snowshoe? Back Ham? :thinking:

Cryo Singularity Fish Slap?

What action skill to pair it with?

Anyone try anything close to this? Suggestions?


Didn’t know about the non-movement penalty while ADS, thanks! I have a couple Zanes built kind of like this (an Atlas rep who’s all Fugitive with Violent Speed/Momentum, and a Dahl rep with just a few points there). The shield I choose depends on the combat situation (Old God for tank; Frozen Snowshoe for cheese: a double spike with nova cryo shield for funsies). I may let my Dahl rep try the Damned to see what that’s like.

Yeah, the no ADS movement penalty seems like a big deal, esp for Zane w/Fugitive and all his speed boosts, but the card only mentions the shield, so most people were just like “Oh, a little Vladof AR with a Hyperion shield, neat. …Pass.” Especially since it doesn’t have a standard Vladof underbarrel weapon.