Full auto for all weapon

On thing that really disturb me is this obstination to lock away full auto firing mode to so many weapon.

What’s the point? Check if we can click fast enough? Make sure the mouse seller don’t run out of business? Especially considering that mouse spamming isn’t great for your wrist (some of us are aging)

Honnestly wouldn’t it be great to be able to use torque assault rifle without having to burst your mouse each time?

What’s the obstination in wanting to keep this feature locked? It don’t make the weapon more or less balanced cause some people manage to click fast enough, it just make them a pain to use.

Write yourself a rapid-fire macro. Problem solved.

you can program your mouse to do it :slight_smile:
i started maining the craps just with this option

That’s the thing, you CAN do it, but in a way you shouldn’t ought to. If the mechanic is here and already perfectly abusable, why not implement full auto directly into the game?

might be about immersion
revolvers are simply not fully automatic weapons and they will also not function with
“holding the trigger” effects in the game
but i wonder if in bl2, where these weapons said “shoots as fast as you can pull the trigger”
you could really abuse it with a programmable mouse xD

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I don’t mind for weapon that obviously are mean to be semi auto like revolver, shotgun and sniper, those have usually high damage, low mag …

But when you see a freaking assault rifle or the such with 20-30 bullet in the mag and up to 4shot/s it just encourage using tool to shoot without breaking your finger

Yea, torgue ARs could be automatic really xD

or at least a burst :wink:

No really if you think about it from a real world perspective. Torgue weapons basically shoot grenades and they are usually deployed one at a time.