Full bank giveaway


I’m farming like crazy and get a lot of things I don’t need. I don’t keep the gear that I don’t use so hit me up with what you’re looking for and I’ll see if I have it. My bank is full so let me know before I sell the gear. If you’d like I can throw down the weapons and you can take what you want. If a couple of you’d like that let me know a good time to do it.

I am LF a Cloning Mirv Hex.

Would you be interested in trading the spy class mod? I have a bunch of stuff so not sure if you are looking for something in particular.

Here’s what I have:

I also have all ASE Element Wedding Invitations + 100% WD ASE Polyamorous

Gamertag: joedram0


Sure! The Prompt Critical with splash anointment would be nice. I farmed a bunch of things yesterday, can’t remember what right now, but a couple of different complex roots. Is there anything you would like to trade for your Tizzy?

Cool. Sent you a request and I will shoot over the weapons. I was looking for urad kings call queens call. If not a skullmasher or headsplosion u rad

Great, I’ll hop on now. Wasn’t it the spy class mod you wanted? Not sure if have any of those you wrote but I’ll check. Anywho I got another spy yesterday. You can have that one too.

No worries. Trying to round out the radiation fl4k build I have with rare urad weapons. Thanks anyway for the spy mods.

Ah hell. Sorry man, I just realized the prompt critical isnt splash it is iron bear exit 125% incendiary. I just use it on my splash damage moze. My bad. I can still send it to you if you want. If not the splash beacon I have works pretty well too. Not sure if you have that. Let me know.

Alright, is it 150% radiation weapons you want? I can send them if I find any.

For sure. I ended up finding the pc splash after all. It was on the wall lol.

The Prompt Critical you sent me is splash. Did you send the wrong one? Can send it back if you want? My bank is full so of there is anything else you need I can see if I have it.

Cool thanks. I have another prompt critical splash already. If you were looking for anything else with splash let me know.

You dont need to send the Prompt critical back. I have several

Thank you! :blush:

Did you get the blastmaster yet?
I’ve got one with the point in redistribution and rolls of weapon damage, SMG damage, splash damage.
I also have a CH plasma coil and some Tizzy’s if you like. What sort of Old God’s did you want? Mine are all Cryo.


Sorry for the late answer, been out of town. I did find a blasmaster but the roll you have is a lot better than mine. I did find a plasma coil and tizzy but not with the +200% splash anointment. I’m mainly looking for an Old God with 13% damage reduction or 20% cooldown. Is there anything you’re looking for? My bank is full so need to trade/giveaway/sell a lot of the gear I have.

One of the old God’s has the 20% cooldown annointment.
I don’t have any of those guns with the 200% splash.
I’ll be online in about a day and a half.


Do you have a lvl 65 M10 100% sentinal Cryo Maggie? If so would you be willing to send it to me?

Also looking for lvl 65 m10 Quickdraw (unique pistol) from DLC3.