Full can of whoop-ass vs. Shield Reboot

I’m curious if anyone has used these together? Does the GR perk “Shield Reboot” diminish or even make irrelevant the skill “Full can of whoop-ass” or do they actually work well together since they are triggered in different ways?

Fill can of whoop ass is good because it continues to charge even if you jump out of IB. Shield reboot is useless the moment you get the guardian rank perk that works better.

Shield Reboot is the GR perk you get at 50 tokens in the survivor tree. That’s what I was talking about unless you meant something else?

I think you are trying to compare Shield Reboot with Force Feedback not Full Can of Whoopass because comparing it to FCOW makes no sense at all as they are completely different things. Force Feedback however is a crappy version of Shield Reboot as it requires a Critical kill instead of just a kill.


Sorry. I thought you meant force feedback.

So do you have any thoughts on my OP? Are the two skills complimentary or does one make the other obsolete?

Why would one make the other obsolete when they are totally different skills. I’m confused by your question.

If you were asking to compare Shield Reboot to Force Feedback I wouldn’t be confused and I would have a decent answer. --If this is indeed what you are asking then yes Shield Reboot makes Forced Feedback obsolete and no they don’t compliment each other.

Well they are different skills that do the same thing but just get triggered in a different way. The question is if one of them is effective enough on it’s own to make the other one pointless or if they compliment each other well enough to put a point into the skill?

The skill is worth taking regardless. And it matters a lot that they are triggered in different ways as one is regulated by your cooldown of Iron Bear and the other is activated for every kill that makes them completely different. Just because they both regenerate shield doesn’t make them comparable. FCOW will continue to charge while taking damage so it’s always worth using. Shield reboot activates every time you get a kill so it’s also worth taking on it’s own merit. I just don’t get why you are trying to compare two completely different skills.

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I guess I don’t get why you don’t understand. They both recharge your shield. If the shield regen from Shield Reboot worked well enough to keep shields topped off it could be a waste of a point to add another skill that does the same thing even if triggered differently. Based on what you are saying (and my limited use of them together) I don’t think that is the case but thanks for the info regardless.

Shield reboot persists beyond IB exit, even if taking damage, where shield reboot stops on receiving damage. If you’re using a high capacity shield, FCOWA is useful to get it up to capacity. Especially if said shield has the 75 shield annointment. So it’s worth a point in that case. Shield reboot does not make it obsolete, rather compliments it because jumping in and out of IB isn’t always possible or practical. Hope that helps.

While this is partially true, there is a distinct difference which @kabflash pointed out; shield reboot has no added recharge rate (Nothing To diminish), and needs a window of no damage to actually charge; where FCoW continually recharges at a boosted rate and can counter some or most damage from a DOT
Personally i use both, and currently this is my only form of sustainability (working amazingly well i might add)

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FCoWA is only useful for instant exit (or nearly instant exit) builds if your shield is larger than like 8k.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t recommend it at all.

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