Full Diamond Clears!

Victory at last! =]



Bravo!! Now that is an accomplishment.


Welcome to the club. Can’t wait for them to allow Diamond Score for the OPs so I have something to strive for in terms of PvE


you mean… like this? (had diamond before the second op came out)

Yeah, it’s unobtainable now for whatever reason. feelsbadman

sorry didn’t knew they removed it… that explains why I never got a diamond on the other ops… :unamused:

@Rabid_Explosions I agree. I really hope they roll out Diamond rank for the ops shortly after Phoebe drops.
I’m also still holding out hope that they’re hiding a Season Pass 2 reveal up their sleaves!
I would really love to see Battleborn get the longevity it deserves.


Probabaly the same as with the base missions. They want time to test and see where to put the line on the bell curve


Impressive. And also nice to know ball-park figures for what it takes to earn Diamond on each story mission.


Congrats! It’s nice to see a flawless list of 32 diamond medals. :wink:

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I’m annoyed they didn’t apply retroactively.

I have like 200k on Void’s Edge and it’s just gold lol.


When you get a diamond score, it will change your 200k score on the stat screen to diamond, even though your diamond run was the one that was only 100k or whatever. I know, because I also have like 230 or 240k as my voids edge high scores and they switched.

Also chiming in to show my membership in the 32 diamond club :wink:


Reminds me of playing Star Fox 64 before I could use the internet.
I would run through game stores searching for what scores were needed to medal a mission. (Now we can just use this thread :smiley: )

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I got like 1 diamond rating :joy:


I still don’t have any. I’m definitely going to play the moment I’m back from Ireland :smiley:



On Ops and Diamond scores:
We do disable diamond scores for those at launch, until we have better data on score ranges to set the diamond requirements at the appropriate level.


Any chance of releasing a chart for the different thresholds? I think these are being hotfixed in or kept server side.

@lowlines As far as my experience goes, as long as you have 4+ players who have a decent idea of how to play you’ll get diamond naturally from just beating the missions. It can be done with 3, but everyone has to perform exceptionally. For instance, two of my friends and I ran Heliophage Normal Hardcore and destroyed it. We cleared the entire middle section, looted every box, got most of the boss score drops, and we still only got gold. Later that day we added one friend and ran it basically the exact same and pulled the diamond.
It’s also worth nothing that while we were in a full party of 5 we could completely ignore the challenges and still pull diamond.
Another thing we noticed is that (aside from Hardcore, obviously) lives didn’t seem to matter. We were able to play unfamiliar characters and loose a decent amount of lives and still pull diamonds on advanced.
@Jythri I’m not sure if this helps you guys get a feel for the experience of getting diamond was, but I personally think it was pretty fair. Exceptionally good players seem to be able to pull diamond in a 3, maybe even 2 man party, but it took a good knowledge of your characters as well as the specific mission. 5 players who know the ropes seem almost a shoein for diamond, but if the players are new and not quite familiar with characters and maps then they might find it much more challenging. It feels nearly spot on to me.

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I know. I’m just in the business of making reference guides for hungry players who seek information by the truckload. :yum:


@lowlines in the upcoming week or so I might try to make time for running these all solo for gold and posting my gold scores to try and find a better ballpark figure for diamond. Maybe that will help new players get a general idea of how close they are to breaking through to diamond ranks.

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