Full prefix list for borderlands 3

Does anyone know the full list of weapon prefixes. I’ve seen hours of footage on YouTube and I have seen the stability grip prefix but it apparently no longer adds two additional bullets per shot, so I started to wonder if there even was a +2 pellets prefix anymore, since no YouTube personality ever suggests getting any shotgun (or otherwise, since double penetrating was originally only for Torgue pistols and now it can be found on just about any Torgue weapon and I suppose the same goes for all other manufacturers) with such a prefix anymore. So I’d like to know if anyone out there has the full list and what each one does.

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Game has been out for 2 weeks. There are so many variations to gear in this game I doubt there will be a comprehensive list anytime soon. Give it 6 months for people to dig into the game and find out everything about it.

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You’ll get better info on this at the se7ensins forums.

If you want the extra pellet prefix:

Torgue is Double Penetrating
Maliwan is Binary
Hyperion is Redundant
Vladof is Annexed
Cov is Moar

It has suddenly come to my attention that I don’t know the other manufacturers for this. Probably because Jakobs uses Masher for pistols and Assault Rifles, and their Shotties come in so many pellet varieties anyway. And I almost never use Dahl (my Fl4k will use Dahl when I play them, probably) and Atlas hasn’t gotten me into them yet. Probably gonna love their Explosive pistols with Moze though


I do https://www.reddit.com/r/borderlands3/comments/dh7wk5/weapon_prefix_list_for_borderlands_3/

Thanks to the contributors and Kathlaan compiled this one.

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So I hope you say ours, https://www.reddit.com/r/borderlands3/comments/dh7wk5/weapon_prefix_list_for_borderlands_3/

But if not here is EVERY x2 prefix by EVERY carrier:

Cost-Effective x2 Projectile Atlas
Moar x2 Projectile COV
Adapting x2 Projectile Dahl
Redundant x2 Projectile Hyperion
Quad 4x Shot Jakob’s
Binary x2 Projectile Maliwan
Clearance 2 shot Tediore
Double Penetrating x2 Projectile Torgue
Annexed x2 Projectile Vladof
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I have a x3 cov and I believe the prefix is moaar

Thats Correct but it should be Capitalized for x3 right? I did not include that because its on the link I posted, and jakobs has more then x2 prefixes or postfixs aswell, however Wouldn’t you agree that is not a normal x2, that is a special and unique situation? PLease keep up any feedback though! It what we need most right now, for the community to add details, help make corrections I may have missed, and most of all, add prefixes I cannot confirm due to rarity.

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does anyone now what the prefix ‘wunderkind’ means?
found on a the butcher tonight