Full rework of ALL of Zane's anti synergy skills, augments, and class mods

Hello hopefully gearbox employee! And everyone reading! If you don’t know me I go by ThiccFilA on youtube, and I am a Zane main since day 1 of this game. I play this game every single day literally as a job. I have a huge community with tons of Zane players. I’m part of the official borderlands discord, knowing many members in there. I’m part of other discords, communities, etc. Why am I saying all this? Not to brag, but to hopefully show you that I have the knowledge to make this sort of post. So what is this post? It’s the skill reworks I think Zane truly needs. I have a firm belief that Zane’s damage is up to par, and that bad skills/augments/synergy is to blame for why people struggle to play with him or call him gear reliant. So keep in mind this whole entire article is written as criticism out of love, and not out of hate. I truly love this game, this character, and the community.

So with intros out of the way, I’ve revised Zane’s entire skill trees. It is my belief, we can’t just take skills out and add completely new ones, that takes a ton of time, manpower, etc. I truthfully also believe that some bad skills just need tweaked a bit to make them actually viable, and people will have an easier time overall playing with Zane this way.

If you want to contact me personally my email is flightx3aa@gmail.com

I would like to stress, if any of this stuff is changed, please let it be the augments and class mods. Action skills are used more than anything, and a lot of Zane’s augments are not working or at least not up to par with what they should be.

Here it is:

Doubled Agent Tree

  • Synchronicity - +5% per action skill - total of 25% per action skill

  • Praemunitus - +10% per action skill - total of 30% per action skill

  • Like a ghost - Zane and his Digi-Clone gain a chance to ignore bullets, this chance is increased while an action skill is active. Zane and his digiclone become invulnerable for 1 second on swap.
    Ignore Bullet Chance 6% per level.

  • Boom. Enhance. - I love this skill, but it possibly needs buffed because clone is underperforming even in mayhem 3 if we’re being honest. I’m not sure if this is the skill to buff, but seemed like a fine time to bring it up.

  • Trick of the light - Zane deals bonus Cryo damage while one of his action skills are active.

  • Double Barrel - I LOVE this cap stone, but the clone AI is so bad with tons of guns, this could take forever to fully fix, but would be insanely appreciated :slight_smile: Also please just give a permanent 75% buff to digiclone at least, you can stack this up to 75% by swapping, but it is not plausible based on the duration it lasts, and half the time clone is looking the wrong way. Like I mentioned in boom enhance, clone is extremely underperforming.

Clone Augments:

  • Binary System - just buff efficiency so freezes are possible when you and your clone are both near enemy.

  • Which one is Real - buff the radius of enemies this can effect while swapping, enemies far away do not focus the clone.

  • Digital Distribution - Add 50% damage reduction on top of the rest of augment, then it could be great option for tanky clone.

Hitman Tree

  • Violent Speed - Add a passive like cool hand

  • Cold Bore - After Zane swaps weapons he deals % more cryo damage for 6 seconds

  • Violent Momentum - just want to take a moment to say THANK YOU gearbox for the damage scaling. You’re the best

  • Cool Hand - This skill is fine, I’d like to see all of zane’s kill skills mirror this.

  • Violent Violence - Add a passive, but this skill is lackluster, fire rate as a tier 4 skill? How about adding this: Kill skill: Zane gets 3% (15% total) chance to automatically reload his gun. That would reward finding class mods with points in violent violence.

  • Playing Dirty - Great skill, but, allow this to stack like other kill skills, preferrably up to 3 times for 15 shots.

  • Good Misfortune - I actually am a fan of how this skill works, but I suggest adding cooldown in addition, Zane has tons of uptime skills, so a cooldown one would actually be amazing. And while this skill is very good, it does not work with seein red.

  • Seein Red - This is a great skill, but a bad capstone. Allows kill skills to gain more stacks. This is a unique effect that is cap stone worthy. Also would be great to activate 2 stacks of kill skills, since that was recently added. One of these options would make it a real capstone.

Sntnl Augments: I want to preface this section saying IMO sntnl is his worst action skill, it’s because of the augments. Drone delivery is the best thing about SNTNL and it’s a skill.

  • Winter’s Drone: Please add at least 1% cryo efficiency, this effect does not slow enemies, which it should.

  • Bad Dose: This effecet is hardly noticeable, would work much better as an It’s Piss grenade type of effect, actually debuffing enemies. 20% damage

  • Boomsday: Make this kind of like death follows close, but for other augments, adds more efficiency and possible freezes with Winter’s drone, adds extra debuff with bad dose, steals more shields with static field, increases % chane of almighty ordnance(my version)

  • Almighty Ordnance: If you guys change nothing else on this list, please give me this because it’s my favorite idea I’ve ever came up with: Zane’s drone fires two of his currently equipped grenade mod. You can only fire this once per action skill. Kill skill: 10% chance to fire this again.

Undercover Tree: Zane’s most consistent tree lol

There’s really only a couple skills that need changed here.

  • Best Served Cold - Add some insane cryo efficiency to this skill, because the damage is not worthwhile, and the freeze chance from what we’ve seen is also not worthwhile, especially with a cooldown.

  • Nerves of Steel - Scales with shield - like confident competence. Also awards up to 15% crit bonus with each skill point.

  • Distributed Denial - this capstone is AMAZING with shields it’s good with. And really bad every other time, possibly just look at what shield work with it/don’t and make it less narrow :). This didn’t even work with messy breakup last time I tried it.

Barrier Augments:

Literally one change: Make the left augments work when I pick up the barrier. If you want to stick to reduced effects, then fine(even though you shouldn’t). But like, I have 0 incentive to use any augments on the left, I’m not going to put my barrier somewhere and sit there. Like it’s not plausible.

Finally I have a couple class mod updates. I need to really highlight how low impact most of these are. Even Infiltrator and Executor need work. Executor would be much better if the passive skills were better. Infiltrator just deletes survivability.

Cold Warrior: Frozen enemies take 50% bonus crit damage, 100% bonus explosive damage, and 300% bonus melee damage. (this is a great easter egg for TPS :slight_smile:

Techspert: Needs buffed to at least 15%

Remove really expensive jacket, add death follows close. (to be honest this will rarely get used anyway, but this change would at least make it not bad)

Antifreeze: Needs cryo immunity (to the DOT, maybe not the damage) this class mod is basically false advertising. Also needs to give bonus while moving, and not sliding or jumping. gearbox pls

Shockerator: I don’t even know what to suggest but, this is a game of guns, not melee. I understand melee happens, but geez. Also the augment it adds is the worst one. We need a good clone class mod, even if you don’t rework this one, please give us a good clone class mod in the future. We want clone to be good.

Anyways thank you to all those who read and support this topic! I want to continually hammer in actual ideas of how to make Zane become a more playable character! I am not going to just post about him needing buffed without offering what those buffs should be. I also try my hardest not to straight up change skills as much as possible, but some things definitely need it.

@Noelle_GBX I’m sorry to randomly tag you in something like this lol, but you seem friendly, I would like these suggestions to be heard. I’ve been making and planning this post for a while.


I tested last night and if my math is right, 3 points TotL is doing about 36% bonus damage.


okay that’s very good to know, I haven’t actually tested myself but heard a couple people saying it, will edit

I would suggest that best served cold duplicated the Ice Breaker effect. That way you could take the skill and free up the artifact slot for something else, or skip the skill and continue to use an ice breaker artifact. At least it would be a choice.


I mostly try to keep my suggestions as close to the abilities as possible, unless there’s something I feel just needs changed.

Probably the best course of action, but I can’t help myself.

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Honestly, this skill has given my Clone Drone build full fights of being able to pop around and swap with the clone while the drone dropped grenades, so I’m not really too keen on it being changed to a cooldown skill when Adrenaline is tier one and Topped off already does so much work.


Synchronicity feels fine. Just have it apply buffs to clone as well.

imo Trick of the Light is meant to be a tricky skill. The issue is with enemy tracking its rare to be for an enemy to focus the clone long enough for it to be useful, at least not in solo. Just make it a buff for a duration after clone swap. Or why not both. Additionally why does Trick of the Light damage me more than my enemies.

Like a ghost is a clone skill you seeing red and barrier punks need to get your own tanky skill. Similar to Trick of Light allow it to be a buff for a few seconds after swapping clone. If you have gone that far into the Clone tree you probably have 30+ seconds on clone. just like ASE and ASS(tart) skills aren’t good with Buff Clone Zane.

I agree with theh Double Barrel Changes. Yes you want us to swap but having to swap every 5 seconds to keep up a buff while realigning your aim feels like garbage. Especially because it forces you to aim where the clone aims. Absolutely dumb when the clone randomly targets whoever he wants when I want to target the big boss. Oh yeah and fix how Clone fires guns. And how he focuses on bosses. Just fix clone. And buff his damage. Like actually test how pets damage scales into higher Mayhem modes.

Turn the Shockerator effect into the Impaler for your clone. This is borderlands. People have guns. people shoot guns. Why does this work for the small fraction of enemies who don’t use guns? Why is it such a situational easy to manage element like shock?


I can agree to that, good misfortune is actually a pretty good skill. It just kind of seems to me it works better in a seein red build to give cooldown. But I won’t argue because my first sentence lol.

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COMPROMISE: Uptime or Cooldown time based on context. It’s tier five. It can be that good :stuck_out_tongue:

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BEST suggestion yet lol

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I think we can basically both agree like a ghost isn’t very good though lol, that was the suggestion I came up with, I also feel like clone can’t fully benefit from the second ability, which is why I came up with my suggestion. I also did forget to mention shockerator mod, might have to edit something in.

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I’ll say what I said last time. With a tiny addition

Make the chance of bullet ignore raise with movement speed. Makes speed now offense and defense. BUT. Give clone four seconds of 25% chance on Swap.


Can i get me some raw damage bonus skill please. when i dont have an active action skill,kill skill or not moving really fast i feel like level 1 knight trying to kill level 50 dragon… Why i always need to jump,slide,move or active action skill. Ok good to have different characters wich is designed for different playstyles but literally having no damage buff without any condition on skill tree is bs…

Amara has bonus elemental damage+other type of damage/critical dmg bonus (no requirements)
Moze has bonus incendiary damage+other type of damage/critical dmg bonus (no requirements)
Fl4k has a lot of raw damage and critical damage bonuses (no requirements)

Whats our boyo has? every damage bonus has a requirement (kill,move,dont be targeted etc…)
Give me boyo a skill that gives bonus cryo damage without any frking requirement please.


Honestly I feel your pain lol, but imo Zane damage wise is in a good spot right now. We really need this quality of life stuff, and those conditions can be easier to meet.


I mean, all of Zane’s skills have a requirement…that’s, in retrospect, kinda the point. They just gotta be a little better.

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Thats my point here i want me some(not asking for too much at least give me 1 skill for raw damage) You can literally test a gun on the test dummy and have same output with fully build zane and no skill point zane. while you have to respec to see the guns damage with other characters.


Compromise: Death Follows Close. Add Kill skills proc on ffyl, But give it a long cool down, like Guardian Angel.

So we’re not adding passived but giving us a chance at ffyl


I think all the suggestions are actually well thought out and not over the top crazy damage buffs. Personally it’s the augments not working when I pick up the barrier that breaks my heart. The best part about the barrier is that it’s mobile. If it was just static then literally nobody would use it. Yeah let’s have a bunch of speed boost so I can sit and hide behind this wall lol


This OP post is masterclass. You are a gentleman and a scholar. A True Zane to the end

The ONLY thing I would add is that, Zane needs Sprint while shooting so people who don’t want to use snowdrift but don’t mind doing less damage, can have a viable speed based playstyle.

It would also thematically make sense for the character. Your Class mod ideas are AMAZING