Full Screen Auto-Minimizes

I literally can’t play the game on full-screen more than 5 minutes before the game throws me back to windows and the game gets minimized.
When im trying to get back into the game by maximizing the application from my task bar, it plays 10 seconds and get minimized again.
The only solution i have found was playing on borderless screen but than i get bad fps and the game gets all stuttery and laggy.
I payed $100 and i can’t even game properly.
Shame on you gearbox.

From my understanding im not the only one experiencing this. Did anyone found a temporary work around for this?

i have had the same issue when using fullscreen. i initially thought it was HDR related because it started after enabling that (HDR is a thing in this game, if windows has HDR on). turns out its not related at all. it due to the game just generally working poorly with Fullscreen and its constant need to resync the video output to the monitor or whatever its doing. what’s happening is your mouse is getting “stuck” on the desktop and not getting focused on the foreground fullscreen game. so whenever you press a mouse button, windows thinks you’re clicking your desktop or background window and minimizes the game.

if i leave windows open in the background i can see my mouse in game change as i move the mouse where those windows edges are in the background. an sure enough, if i click a button, the mouse click is registered on the background window and BL minimizes.

I think changing to borderless window and then back to full screen helps. or alt-tabbing. between this bug and the glitchy HDR implementation, its been a battle trying to get everything to play nice. ive had the minimizing issue both with an without HDR so i know its not related. i think the HDR being enabled just makes it more likely to occur; at least for me. when it all works, its great. ive tried messing with windows DPI settings too and it didnt help (i run 150% because 4k) because ive had issues where the game only takes up the top left of the screen too. how QA missed all this glitchiness is crazy. or they didnt care to fix before release.

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Im paying $100 to enjoy a game i can’t seem to enjoy at all. Thanks for the input. i havent gone through any testing it just kinda broke me at some point and i left the game alone for the time being. I wish i knew if gearbox even aware to these sort of problems or just picking their nose while counting the sales money.
What can i say other than this was a very very upsetting experience for me…