Full shield pen viable?

I’ve looked around a lot and I’ve seen a fair bit of discussion on it but no real firm or unanimous decision on whether is viable or not, the gear set I am running is a reload with 8 sp, a sp with 19.8 sp and attack speed with 7.7 and picked only the tac rounds 60% option and it seemed OK while it rocked Toby and gali but I didn’t go full in on it as my team was down a player Vs a full set of 100 and did lose (but with a positive K/D) and rather then going all in on this and possibly tossing a game I could win by not trying a bad strategy. I’m open too any opinions, I’d really like to hear what your experiences have been if you tried this before.

Getting double tac rounds is WAY better because it’s basically a 50% damage upgrade for your rifle. Combined with high velocity rounds your assault rifle is extremely powerful.

I tried the shield pen once and regretted it. Shield pen is useless unless you’re fighting kleese or shayne and aurox

Im not sure how viable this is but you can give OM (or anyone with high attack speed) a max roll waveform destabilizer and starkweather’s oscilator for a total of 73.5% sheild penitration (at max stacks) then at lv 5 go dubbletap and at lv 7 disruption rounds to bringing the penitration to 98.5%. Id say use another max roll gear that raises penitration by another 10.5% so 100% is possible, and your base shield penitration (with no stacks) is 67% at lv 7 (42% before lv 7).

It’s actually a 25% increase. An extra 50%, half the time. Also, you sometimes only use some before reloading because it’s already dead, so that’s a factor. Unless you try very hard, it’s less than a 25% damage increase.

Shield pen will always be about 1/3 as useful as attack damage when applied to a BB with shields. (I can share the math, if you want, or you can trust me). The biggest problem is that, applied to an Eldrid, it’s worthless. If you can come up with an Attack Damage build that gets to +25%, you’re in a much better place than 75% shield pen.