Full Slaughter Shaft M4 Legends

Full map of legendaries

Gt is. Capn batman1


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I just shot you a msg, my GT is IXI Shyn3 IXI

@Zer0Dark30 s ry I should have put a time limit on it… 4 hours was just too long Any thing ya looking for in particular?

Just ASE +50% element/+100% damage/+125% splash damage

Lyuda/Binary Spinner/Redistributor in Fire/Shock or Radiation.
Any ASE +50% element/gain 15% life steal Stop-Gap/Transformer
ASE +50% Quasar/recurring Hex
Last Stand Otto Idol
Elemental Projector Otto Idol
Elemental Projection Victory Rush

If you have ANY of those I’d be forever grateful.