Full storage loot trade/give away

I have a variety of different loot in my inventory/bank. Rather than them sitting I thought they would be better in the hands of my fellow vault hunters! I am looking for Shredifiers/Lucians Calls in various elements. But if you want something on the list, no need to trade anything, I’ve gotten some great loot from people in this forum and want to give back!

Desperate Entrenched Bloodletter

Speedloadin’ HellWalker (A- Action skill end. Weapon damage incr 75%)
Stimulating Gross Bearcat (A Gunner)
Deep Dive Face-Puncher
Holistic Bitch
Popular Bitch
Holistic the Butcher
Influential the Butcher
Engulfing Ferocious Ogre
Hawt Embrace the Pain
Premium Rad Polbius (Rad, Cryo)
Trained Vanquisher
Express Firesale Long Muske
Nuclear Jericho
Reciprocating Try-Bold
Shocking Star Helix
Disciplined Star Helix
The Flood
Deft Barrage
Pestilent The Dictator (Coro)
Refined Projectile Recursion (shock)
Redundant Brainstormer
Compressing Trevonator

Grenade Mods
Tina’s Hippity Hopper
Moxxi’s Bouncing Pair
Improved Re-Router

Toxic Revenger White Elephant
Toxic Revenger Launch Pad
Atom Balm Moxxi’s Endowment (Rad)
Ice Spiker Launch Pad
Ice Breaker Launch Pad
Loot Expanding Commander Plantoid
Mind Meld Loaded Dice
Rear Ender Cosmic Crater

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Oooooooooohhh can I get that shock Star Helix
Also, is that Ogre elemental? Do they even come with elements?

@CntBckt I’ll save the Shock Star Helix for you. As for the Ogre, its is non elemental.

My PSN is Rchris92 add me and I can send it tonight.

Hi, may I have the bloodletter class mod? I can look to see if I have any Lucians call in trade

Psn Skill-Explicit

interested in the white elephant. no shredifiers or lucians call to trade though.

Is it all at level 50


Sure, no problem, I can put it aside for you. Add me on PSN Rchris92

If you have a Lucians call it would be ace, but don’t worry if you cant :slight_smile:

No problem, add me on PSN Rchris92 and I can sent it!

@DogInShades Yup, all lvl 50

@CntBckt I just got home, but both should be in your inbox :slight_smile:

May I Have the hell walker please?:slight_smile:

Have Lucians call in all 3 elements you May choose 1 as trade :slight_smile:

@tho495 it’s yours! What elements are the Lucian’s calls in?

Add me on psn Rchris92

Woot woot. Thanks.

Rad, Cor, and fire!

Sweet gun

@tho495 I’ll take the corrosive one please :slight_smile:

Add me on psn Rchris92

When are you on usually?

I will be On today on and off, sent a friend request!