Fullscreen doesn't work

Video Card: 5700XT
Drivers: 19.12.2

Issue: When launching Borderlands 3, it proceeds fine up until after the loading shaders screen. The final splash screen that follows loads, and then the screen freezes. Music still plays. Alt-tabbing the game fixes the video (showing the menu screen) and works for a few seconds before freezing the screen again. Repeting alt-tabbing will continue to restore video for a few seconds.

Attempted to switch to windowed mode which promptly crashed my drivers.

Loading the game again, with it remebering windowed mode, it works fine (in both windowed and border less window). Fullscreen still has the same issues as before though.

I just “upgraded” to 19.12.2 and have the exact same issue.

Edit: I disabled “Radeon Enhanced Sync” with thew radeon settings app for Borderlands and it seems to have fixed the issue.