Fun Fact: Battery Gear Gives Miko Shields

I just found this out the other day.
But if you equip a Battery/Capacitor/etc piece of gear to Miko, or any gear that grants the user +X Shields, it will give Miko shields.

Not sure if feature or bug, but I’m loving it.

I’m positive it is a feature, and it is quite nice to have.

But I don’t use it much, if at all.

Anything that gives shields will do that. I don’t see it being useful though. Eldrid benefit greatly from the fact that they have no shields. You can put on gear that reduces shield strength or the effectiveness of shield recharge. Making it 200+ shards cheaper to activate.

That’s a fair point, but i really enjoy being able to soak up unexpected amounts of damage against some one that expects to roll through a Miko.