Fun Game, Horrible Community

It is sad to see this happening already but I guess it was expected since it is a type of MOBA even though it is a fps game. I first wanted to say the game is actually really fun and I loved the intro music and cut scene on the opening prologue. I had fun in the muliplayer maps which is the main reason I purchased the game.

Having said that, it was very disappointing to see how bad the community was. My first 4 maps I played, I was bashed by a couple of higher level teammates saying how bad I am and how I cost them the match. First of all, it isn’t my fault they are matching me up with level level 30’s+. It was my first time playing the game for crying out loud. If you see a level 2 then it is pretty obvious they are new to the game.

This isn’t a post about needing thicker skin etc. because I was like, whatever. But when the community is already getting like this on a new game, that is pretty sad. Why people feel the need to bash people in general is beyond me, but when you can see they are brand new to the game and need to do it as well is ridiculous. Don’t complain and bash me, blame 2K for a horrible mmr matching brand new people with level 30’s against a team of 40;s and 50’s where level 28 was their lowest guy.

Needless to say I will probably be just sticking to the story mode and wait for Overwatch.

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Unfortunately, this isn’t the BB community, its the internet. If you think Overwatch is gonna be any better when its out of beta you’re gonna have a bad time :confused:. The best advice I can give is turn of team chat and enjoy it for yourself. I just imagine I’m playing a single player game with dumbass AI…


I’ve kinda had the opposite experience, just the other day I joined in with a few randoms and 2 of them were level 2. They both typed in that they were new and asked for help. All 3 of the other players were really helpful giving them tips to help them through.

Maybe next time just let them know you are new and see if that helps.

That being said there will always be jerks, but there will be jerks everywhere. I’m school, in bars, in games, you just can’t avoid them. Just move on and you will find the nice and helpful people.



Frankly, speaking only as a BB user myself, I completely condemn the actions of the people who treated you poorly during your first experience on BB. There will always be bad apples who do not understand that in random match you need to be able to tolerate and assist new players.

I can assure you though, the community on here (these forums) is excellent.

Many people on here would be happy to assist you, tutor you, and kick ass with you.

Give this place a shot.

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Actually you are quite wrong about Overwatch. Was in the first wave of closed Beta so was playing for about 5 or 6 months and then the OPen Beta generated 9.5 or so million players and never came across anyone like I have here. Sure there were a couple who would team bash or bash other players at the very end and then leave, but I saw that maybe a few times out of 30 hours played during Open Beta which was a lot of maps. My first 4 maps here were horrible.

I probably will turn off team chat but I shouldn’t really have to. People should just maybe help out new people vs bashing them? I will say with Overwatch I am great at because I play(ed) a lot of TF2 and many other old arena fps, but for the whole MOBA since I am new to it and wanted to learn but with what I have already seen makes me not want to.

@Derch - You said let them know I am new? I think it is pretty obvious I am new being level 2 and my stats ranking 4th and 5th on the scoreboard.

Thanks and I appreciate that!

I have to say you’re quite wrong. When I tried overwatch, I was bashed for not playing perfectly or picking the best hero for their supposed comp.

Toxicty is pretty low in betas. The battleborn beta barely had any. When OW gets released you’ll see an increase in toxicty. Happens in every game.


bro, ill not be playing overwatch just for the fact they troll the boards here and on steam bad harassing BB fans. if they are that bad even before there game is out its going to be bad playing the game.

and sorry you got into a bad match it happens

i was in a match the other day where another player was being more racist than Benedict to his fellow teammates. its just the internet. join the discord chat find poeple to play with BB atm is a small community hopefully we can grow

Mute them. And then watch and learn their tricks. Best revenge.

It’s the olive branch, a little communication can go a long ways.

If I’m playing a character that I’ve yet to play I let my teammates know, weather I am with friends or randoms. I even let them know on some skills I pick. With thorn I’ll let them know if I pick slow on my blight so they know to target enemies in blight, etc…

Even a little communication can go a really long ways.

Was this on PC? On PS4 I’ve only had one incident where someone made a single complaint at the end of the match.

I never hear anyone talking bad about other players.

Yeah I have yet to experience any bad mouthing, racism or general nastiness

Xbox player here

Nyahhhh thats really a nasty experience, its sad your fost PvP-matches started like that :frowning:

I was quiet afraid of flaming teammates when I joined PvP the first time - but they were so nice! I died ALOT, maybe had 5 kills (Incursion) but even after our 3rd lost match all was fine. They checked stats in between and though I feared they´d point the fult onto me they just wondered what could have gone wrong. So we fought on and won match 4 :smiley:

So far: On XB1 there was just once a smartass in PVE, crying arround as I´d never played the game before, while he was 4th in damage&kill after that, me & my fiance on place 1 & 2.

Console-community seems to be nicer at all, as far as I red most bad experiences come from PC-gamers…

The sad truth is no matter where you go there will be a**holes. I live in a town full of them.
Best to just have your fun and let them cry on their own. They tend to do this because they think they’re “MLG” or something. You could always party up with a forum member or something, get a laugh out of those posers


What system do you play? You should collaborate with people on the boards to give you a better experience and to improve your play.

Also, just LOL stating a blizzard game will have a friendlier community. I’ve played the Beta, people can be ruthless and all they do is treat it like team death match. But if that’s what you want than by all means, have fun!

I played the Beta all the way through to lv50+ so even when I first started I had the mechanical skill to match any veteran, all that I lacked was items, and knowing what to do really draws off the edge items may give someone. So anyone could have played the beta and had experience.

On the community note, one person I follow on twitter had more than provided enough evidence that even during the Overwatch betas that there were the lowest class of ass there as well. Even people so far as to purposefully throw a game just because the said guy was trying to make a video. And like Derch my BB experience thus far has been pretty positive if not just chill. You got guys sometimes with mics on and they’ve never been rude or obnoxious, really just hype for kicking some ass. I’ve even had people message me with GG or even just giving props, and I’ve done the same.

Sorry to hear you had that experience. Everyone’s is going to be different. I have seen nothing of the sort with BB so far since release. I saw much more negativity in the time I played the Overwatch beta (2nd wave of invites so about 5 months). So you and I have had opposite experiences. It’s going to happen in both games, whether or not you will see it is going to be random luck. I have found BB players to be much more friendly and willing to offer advice so I would suggest sticking with keeping chat on. You can always mute as needed!