Fun Gamma (Damage + Support) Build for FL4K!

Hi all! I love Fl4k! Barely able to play the other characters because after 10 minutes I just wanna switch back to my fl4k lol. This is a Gamma heavy build but you can still run around with the crit build, it just may not be quite as powerful as the main crit builds.

I have been playing around with trying to come up with different builds than just the normal ones you see, and frankly I don’t really like the Rakk build mainly because I don’t feel like the ability does enough damage. I’ll play Amara for the ability damage builds.

Support / Damage Gamma Build

For the equipment, it really doesn’t matter what you pick except for the class mod and Grenade. For this build I am using Red Fang and Unfortunately I can’t remember the name of the grenade but it is similar to the Piss where you gain a 30% damage increase after you throw the Grenade. (Will update this later once I find it).

Currently I have a Ward Shield for the 25% weapon damage increase while shields are down, I also have the artifact that gives health 179health/sec regen. (Will update with name later) but also switch to the Rocket Boots for the sliding speed.

For weapons I am using the same as usual, you can use whatever guns you want. I enjoy the Maggie, Deathgrip for bosses who like to stand still, hellwalker, etc. basically it doesn’t matter which gun you use.

To kinda breakdown my ideology behind this build. This is a support build (with some decent damage), so I have taken some healing talents to heal myself, my pet, and anyone else in the party cough M4 friends in Maliwan Takedown cough. Although, don’t think you won’t be able to deal any damage. I am able to deal over 200k with my Hellwalker using this build!

Starting with the Master Tree:

  1. Persistence Hunter for increased Gamma Burst Duration and damage
  2. Ferocity just because
  3. Frenzy for increased damage
  4. He bites maxed because the class mod makes everything attack your pet, so in turn they all damage themselves.
  5. Who Rescued who? This is for survivability for yourself and your pet. You need your pet alive to maximize your damage due to the Hidden machine talent
  6. only 1 point in Hive mind just to keep yourself alive a bit more (this is because you don’t get the 5% damage reduction from having a spiderling.
  7. Mutated Defenses, again you need your pet alive
  8. Pack tactics, this is for increased HP (more HP = more regen) and flat damage increase. This is not gun damage this is all damage (VERY GOOD).
    Augments: Empathic Rage: +20% Damage (flat damage which is very good) and Burst Aid: This will heal everyone but also if you stand in this your “All my BFF’s” talent will top everyone off.
    Pet: Great Horned Skag (gives 5% Damage and 10% Gun Damage) but you can use the Eridian Skag for the singularity (gives 5% Damage and 5% Fire Rate).

Now moving on to the Stalker Tree:

  1. Furious Attack: Increase your damage
  2. Eager to Impress: This will help your CD of your Gamma Burst (since we don’t have Head Count).
  3. All My BFF’s: This will keep your pet and almost anyone else alive due to your self healing from regen and Burst Aid!
  4. Lick the Wounds: your pet can rez you, pretty much always a nice talent.
  5. Turn Tail and Run: This is for both Survivability and Damage. While Gamma Burst is down, you may need to run around a lot to heal back up. But while standing in your Burst Aid effect, you can stand there and shoot as much as you like.
  6. The Fast and Furryous: Because your HP will be full almost all the time, you can maximize your damage.
  7. Hidden Machine: This will always be on while Gamma Burst is active since the class mod makes your pet Taunt everything. You get a flat 30% damage increase (again all damage not just gun damage).
  8. The Power Inside: This is for the Damage increase, since you’ll almost always be sitting at full HP, active Gamma Burst and add another 50% flat damage boost.

Since this is not the regular Stalker crit build, we suffer a bit on damage, but with all of these bonuses, I have been able to down M4 bosses quite well. But because of all the healing you should be able to handle any fight for a long time.

I have enjoyed running around with this build, just blasting down all the mobs shooting at your pet. I feel this made M4 a bit easier instead of struggling a bit since I don’t get to play that often, I dont’ have all the best weapons and items with bonuses and/or anointed augments on them.

If you have any questions, just let me know!

Nice, but just a tip: you are missing out on a lot of damage by not utilizing Barbaric Yawp in Hunter tree.


Thanks for pointing that out. Although, I was only trying to increase my own damage, not the damage of my pets. This is also why I didn’t take the Psycho Head on a Stick. Barbaric Yawp increases all pet bonuses but this wouldn’t increase my own gun damage. The pet is just a meat shield.

Pet bonus of horned skag = 5% dmg 10% gun damage, w/ 5/5 barbaric yawp its:

15% dmg and 30% gun dmg (pet bonuses displayed is whats buffed)

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Ha I was just realizing that!

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I feel this might be how I would change my build to include the Barbaric Yawp.

New Build (With Barbaric Yawp) - Forgot to add this when I first replied.

I wish I realized this before, I always thought this was the bonuses from the talents adding damage and what not to your pet. Not the bonuses on the pets themselves.

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