Fun Guns that you just want to use?


I was over in the Fl4k area perusing this awesome Top Gear guide when it occurred to me that some things are just not quantifiable but deserve consideration. For me that is “fun.”

I stumbled across this shotgun called the Hellwalker while farming Gigamind (or whatever his name is) and began babbling on the Top Gear post about how it wasn’t there. Turns our it is there and Wheezy suffers from ADD and there are very good reasons why it isn’t considered Top Gear for Fl4k. I decided I didn’t care because this shotty is just plain fun.

Here is is pre-nerf:

Now this thing is just chaos incorporated. Has a very fast reload and fire rate, sets things on fire and sings some theme song from Doom if you blast it fast enough, but in an understated way (please keep it that way Gearbox). It drinks ammo and for me is just so much fun with its glowing red barrels and forlorn wisp of smoke as Wheezy picks through the body parts looking for loot.

So my question, request.

What are “fun” guns for you? (I have others but will sit on my hands (maybe) for the moment). What guns do you have slotted that might not be the most efficient but you just enjoy?

I’d love to try them out!

  • Nimble Jack - I love mechanics that reward shots taken while airborne. BL2 has Death From Above, TPS has Smite, and this gun’s accuracy turns very high while airborne (perfect, in my opinion). Nailing a crit shot from distance with this by catching them mid-jump is incredibly satisfying… like the accuracy is so high that there’s some extra challenge nailing a hit.

  • Jericho - I just figured out how to keep the mortars on target (you can move the barrel while they’re firing to track the target). Catching enemies in that hot mess is pretty fun. Most mortars are fun, but this has those extra shots.

  • Vladof Pushdug - I love the way these pop after the fact… this is about where I tried to get Spikers in BL2 to.

  • Alien-barrel assault rifles (any MFR) - I love beam weapons, so I can get my fix with most of my allegiance characters.

…so many, but I’ll pace myself here and try to avoid a wall of text. :smile:


Heaps, a lot of them are alien barrel because they change the core function of a lot of guns.

AR’s going beam/flamethrower is fun with Vladoff being the pinnacle in sending out tendrils to extra targets. The Vladoff is a great gun for Radiation.

Protuberances, the Torgue Alien Barrel shotgun. It’s very strong with the 4-round clip, somewhat a rival for the Projectile Recursion (so not as strong as a Flakker) but more single-target focused (and not legendary), but fun in it’s base variety too.

That being said, the Projectile Recursion is great fun to take into the cistern of Slaughter if you have a fire one. Whole spawns of trash mobs just evaporate from a single trigger pull.

Some of the Tediore guns are interesting too. Build up your own little army and pop something with a sniper to have them come running into an ambush. It’s not worth the setup time but it’s a fun little diversion.

The Unforgiven is nice for playing with Overkill. Get a big gun and do a walloping amount of damage to build up your Overkill damage then start headshotting with the Unforgiven. That 340%+ crit bonus keeps building up your overkill damage as you move from headshot to headshot. I’ve one-shotted some of the toughest enemies in the game with overkill crits of over 2 million. It’s not guaranteed sustainable but when you manage it it’s a hoot :slight_smile:

Some of these aren’t viable in Mayhem 3 but are fun little ways to amuse ourselves none the less.


I’m gonna farm for the Nimble Jack tomorrow and peep it out if I can convince Handsome Jackie to drop it. Then work my way down your list. Thanks!

I’ve developed a serious fetish for Jacobs guns so I’m gonna try your Unforgiven thing. It is fun when they just, well, explode. Thanks!

I love fun guns. Screw the Meta!

I got an Annointed Mocking Tsunami (while phasegrasping, increased fire rate and reduced charge time) and it’s a blast. All RNG, but it can chew through shields and armor, and health. Weeee!

The Flood is an hilarious Jacobs pistol. More reloading than shooting, but it makes me laugh constantly. So fast.

But my favorite weapon in the game is actually a grenade. The Quasar. Watching enemies get flung around never gets old.

Always play for fun :wink:


Not generally an atlas fan but I love using the carrier on flak with guerillas in the mist, just watching your screen fill with all those glowing amped shots feels right somehow


alright, I’m loving this thread so I’ll join in the fun :+1::blush: I recently had a x8 fear monger drop in the cryo variety. I use it on fl4k and with lnt you can just keep shooting it if you pace your shots, the resulting asteroid field of ice pieces flying everywhere littering the ground with frozen pieces of enemies never fails to make me giggle in that sinister fashion that only borderlands games make me do. now I’m yearning for a x8 fire variety so I can watch the whole map burn. :fire::smiling_imp:

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I’m going to need to give that a try :+1:

:thinking: ?

Leave no trace. It’s a Fl4k skill.

Ah, thanks… trying to figure out the mechanism here. Does each shot from the Fearmonger have its own chance to return ammo? Like you can fire almost indefinitely with enough points and shots on target?

Yes Leave no Trace has tremendous synergy with multi-pellet weapons - because each pellet has a chance to return ammo. So if your Fearmonger has 8 pellets, with 3 points in LnT, each shot has a 97% chance to return ammo to your magazine if all are on crit. Kind of the reason it was nerfed in the first place. Still has tremendous synergy with most shotguns though.

OT: I love the Burzym and Blister.

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Elemental Infinity
Ghast Call
Dahl Assault Rifles (cuz they are the only ones that look and feel like an actual assault rifle)


I’ve seen a lot of people hate on this gun but I love it. It carried me through a large portion of my first Fl4k playthrough (first playthrough period).



Superball. Pulling off bounce shots is very satisfying.


Dahl assault rifle and jakob one shot then reload shotguns, they are so cool :hugs:


I rarely use a fire crossroad anymore because of this gun

Chadd!! I love using that thing.