Fun night of gaming

After all the hate coming from these forums the last 24 hours I’m not going to lie I was starting to get down about this game but after a night where I actually got to sit down and play for a couple of hours, I remembered why I love this game so much.

I just played with a few people for 3 or 4 games, just randoms and I wasn’t playing with a mic bc of how salty I was when I first started playing tonight, and we just crushed everybody…i think one team gave us a pretty good fight but still it didn’t take long lol. The people we were playing wasn’t low level actually the matchmaking was pretty balanced tonight, but the highlight of the night was going 4v5 vs what seemed to be pretty competent players and rolling over them in 12 min.(they surrendered) if you looked at the player score at the end of the game it was 67-0.(which I guess means they weren’t as competent as I thought lol)

Sorry I know this post is kind of pointless and I’m just taking everybody’s time but I just wanted to say I fell back in love with this game bc of these guys I played with and if your on here thank you for helping to remember why I’ve been so passionate about this game. You guys are awesome