Fun not frustration!

I’m mostly enjoying the new dlc with the daily weekly challenges. Some are more difficult to just find enough of the daily targets, but I’m guessing that is just refining my understanding of who lives where do that’s ok. Yesterday became a task though. the Broodmother which if I read things right is a sometimes spawn with a bug too. Then it’s all the way through near the end and a pretty good slog. Went there first time, no Broodmother, killed what was there - no daily credit. Had to quit and retry, same result. Decided too much trouble, cancelled daily challenge and moved on.
It seems a small request that if you add these challenges that they are available to everyone.
Hoping today’s challenge is achievable.:grin:

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You find 3 enemies that counts towards this challenge in Cistern of Slaughter round 5 100% of the times

It took me three quits/retries to get her to spawn… But @RobCheap has a more fun way of getting it done…

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Alternately, if you don’t get Broodmother on Tazendeer Ruins, just walk back out of her nook and hang a right to the checkpoint station on the beach there before save/quitting. You’ll restart right there.

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I believe the point is moot as this was yesterday’s challenge, but thanks. The note was more to having specific challenges actually spawn rather than repeat. Again yhanks

It’s good up to about noon eastern today (although I have work to do so I won’t be going back for this one). Not the first daily I’ve ended up passing on, either - there was one other that required going fairly deep on the GTD which was a hard NOPE for me. I much prefer the ones I can simply polish off while doing something else.


Sometimes the daily challenge just isn’t worth it. I usually skip ones from the Guardian takedowns as they are just too time consuming.

That being said, it would be nice to have Broodmother spawn regularly. That bug has been with us for a while.

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I wish daily/weekly challenges a) had their rewards listed and b) that these rewards had some connection to the difficulty of the task.

I mean, killing 15 jabbers/ratches/spiderants/saurians is not that taxing compared to taking on Wotan, so awarding more for the latter kind of makes sense, no?


Yes it would be nice to have some more layer of complexity to the dailies and weekly layout

Weekly are too easy for the most part. The best I got was kill 7 raids. Those should be in line with that. Kill 300 maliwan? Please…
It would be cooler if it was kill 150 maliwan Mechs…