Fun Poll: Best Heal/Support Combo

For fun: Which Heal/Support combo do you think has the biggest impact in a match?
I left Ernest out for now because I don’t think many play him as a true Support even though he can buff.

  • Miko – Ambra
  • Miko – Reyna
  • Miko – Alani
  • Miko – Kleese
  • Ambra – Reyna
  • Ambra – Alani
  • Ambra – Kleese
  • Reyna – Alani
  • Reyna – Kleese
  • Alani - Kleese

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Alani can tank sentry if Miko is behind her and rest of team keep enwmies occupied.
I did this β– β– β– β– . Its nasty.
In most cases people dont realise how big threat this combo can be.

In all other cases Miko+Reyna are combo that fits almost any team.

;-; stupid phone i voted by accident

Miko / Kleese - health & shields for days!

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^^^^^^this guy knos how it really is.

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Ran Kleese-Reyna last night for the first time, very effective. Had never thought about that combo.
Will have to try Kleese-Miko next!