Fun Quiz - Super Sniper?

I did a 2050 Critical Damage shot today. So, who did I do it with?

#OK: The answer was KLEESE :smile:
Level 3 mutation - Quantom Precision

Surprised the hell out of me as i’d not played much at all with him since launch, so over the past few days we’ve been the Kleese cheese group missions, and I’ve been amazed at his DPS and single shot damage.

  • Thorn
  • Marquis
  • Oscar Mike
  • Rath
  • Orendi
  • Phoebe
  • Kleese
  • El Dragone

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kleese is my guess.

im not exactly sure, because i know NOTHING about him but ive been hit for 1500 by kleese before.

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Phoebe has a lore challenge to hit for 2000+ damage with her blades on one cast which is doable as a sniper shot!

If you had Toby in there I probably would have picked him. He’s an animal.


didnt think of phoebe, but yeah, id also go with kleese with laser mutation. he’s just as scary as toby when you let them crit you, but kleese has a much bigger toolkit to work with at the expense of no ads or good crosshair.

Normally I would say Marquis or Thorn but as it feels like a trick question I’m going with Kleese using Quantum Precision helix.

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Love shooting in heads with telekinetic swords - I go for Phoebe! :smile:


Marquis could one shot anything with his ult if they are far enough away.
Thorn’s ult is beast but I don’t see her AoE ult registering crits, one shot most Battleborn regardless.

Well we kinda lack informations on that one :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s possible to go as high as 3 or even maybe 4k with crits from Phoebe’s Blade Rush, so maybe it’s her, but that’s impossible to obtain in PvP… And “one shot” may not include “multiple projectile” even if it’s technically one press of a button…

So was that a single primary/secondary hit, a skill, PvE, PvP ? :slight_smile:

As I said, just a fun quiz to see who people voted for, and what comments would be made.