[Fun] Slow Hands Fast Feet

This isn’t a “real build” per se, but it’s some of the most fun I ever had with Maya. Older members might remember this one from the old forums, but I’m bringing it back up because of some of the Maya buffs, in particular Cloud Kill. This skill adds a new dimension to this build and indeed any build because of the damage potential, and healing potential with Life Tap or Moxxi weapons…

Anyway, I won’t get too detailed into this, but here’s the overview.

##Skill Details

###Key skill notes

  • Fleet is always active due to our gear choices
  • Suspend, Quicken, and Wreck support using Phaselock to burst down problematic enemies
  • Converge, Ruin, and Helios work beautifully together for Phaselock
  • Kinetic Reflection and Sweet Release give a bit of extra sustainability on top of Moxxi healing
  • Accelerate, Foresight, Inertia, and Reaper give good all-around DPS. One point into Mind’s Eye to use the Class Mod boost for Kitten.
  • Immolate and Flicker are optional, note that Immolate works at 0 HP, meaning Moxxi weapons actually disable it if you deal damage after going down. Flicker isn’t really needed for Slow Hand due to its huge effect rates. But Backdraft wouldn’t have don much and Slow Hand doesn’t trigger Chain Reaction.


  • Practicable Slow Hand (Fire)
  • This has been getting a lot of love recently, and for good reason. It fires huge area-effect pellets and has your average Moxxi healing effect. Since it actually does quite a lot of damage, this is great. The “downside” is the fact that it can’t deal Critical Hits.
    • Hyperion or Bandit Grip
    • Torgue or Hyperion Stock
  • Swift Kitten (Corrosive)
  • I prefer this to Slow Hand in Corrosive because scoring criticals on Loaders is so easy with the Kitten it ought to be illegal. Yeah, Assault Rifles deal less Critical Damage, but it’s still a lot more than a body shot.
    • Vladof or Bandit Grip
    • Dahl Stock


  • Longbow Sticky Quasar
  • Bone of the Ancients (Fire)
  • The Rough Rider
  • This is the key to the gimmick of this build: Fleet. Rough Rider counts as having a depleted shield all the time, meaning we get lots of zip for free.
  • Legendary Siren
  • This is preferable to Banshee, in my opinion, because it bolsters damage and cooldown rate, while still giving some additional Movement Speed during Phaselock. We don’t use all the skills, but the ones we do use are worth it.
    • Ward
    • Accelerate
    • Mind’s Eye
    • Foresight
    • Flicker

Here’s one from pre-buff, in OP8 Bloodshot Stronghold.

Here’s one by @Derch, with buffed Cloud Kill at the OP8 WEP


Sljm is back. Yay :). Welcome back dude.

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I’ll be posting a real build as well, once I finalize it. I really need to have builds for all my favorite characters:

  • Salvador
  • Maya
  • Nisha
  • Athena

I’m getting the Handsome Collection this holiday, so get used to seeing me around. <3


Nice to have you back :acmaffirmative:

Welcome back buddy :smile:

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Curious, does it really matter whether you use Longbow vs Longbow Sticky?

no, espically if you get a short fuse.

Not particularly, I prefer Longbow Sticky because it will stick to walls, so I can pull stuff down from up high.

Sticky will have a 0.9 fuse minimum, while non-sticky can have 0.0

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Watched Derch’s video earlier. One of the things that has always drawn me to playing as Maya is that she has skills which allow her to create and manage space. Any old off-the-rack Maya + Legendary Siren is able to be dynamic while also slowing the enemy down. That is very cool.

Your build further exaggerates that difference. It looks very cool in video, and seems like it must be fun to run. Well done, sirs.

How cool would it be if Recompense didn’t suck? 100% of the damage this build sustains is ‘health damage’, so you’d be handing out pain passively. Oh, well.

Right? Recompense would be so dope in this build if it didn’t suck such butts. Not to mention, it would also be a source of passive healing…

It makes her unkillable with Grog and Warder class mod against Slagged targets, though.

I would have preferred it be a 100% chance, with the percentage reflected scaling per level. Ah, well.


Maybe we could use the Leg Binder too.
Not so much Cooldown Rate loss, and 5 Skills buffed :

  • Wreck, Reaper, Helios 10/5 = DPS

  • Sweet Release 9/5 = more health regen for everyone

  • Suspension 9/5 = more DPS with Wreck and besides more crowd control.

The issue with Binder is the playstyle I use, which @Derch didn’t quite capture (despite doing quite impressively as usual), is that I use Phaselock to select a target to burst down. I don’t generally Lock an enemy and the go about shooting other stuff, as the kids seem to be doing these days. I isolate the biggest threat and gun it down, then mop up the rest.

So, Wreck and Suspension wouldn’t really factor in as much with my playstyle. Legendary Siren boosts more baseline DPS than Phaselock DPS, which makes more sense for me because I spend quite a lot of time with Phaselock inactive.

The DPS during Phaselock with this build is quite sufficient to burst down most threats, and the baseline DPS is higher than with Binder, which helps for all those moments where PL is inactive.

I’d be a lot more interested in Binder for a Sub-Sequence build than one like this where we burst down the Locked enemy as a first priority and then spend a good bit of time on cooldown.

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I’m a big fan of the L. Binder COM so I gave it a try with this build (moving a few points around here and there), and then with a similar build that skipped Quicken for 5/5 Subsequence (still using BoA). It was still strong against trash mobs, but the dip in efficiency was certainly notable. In conclusion, the Binder COM isn’t strong enough to allow point distribution in skills that don’t necessarily contribute to a more dedicated Subsequence build (ie, Fleet and KR).


I understand what you mean :smile:
And that make sense to me :wink:

I’ll try it soon, for the fun ! :grinning:

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