Fun solo leveling build

I’m way late to the party here, but anyone have any suggestions for fun solo leveling builds? Personally I prioritize fun > absolute max power, as long as its viable.

All the search hits I find online are a year or two old, I take it things have changed over time? (or maybe they’re still current and that’s why there’s no new posts?)

As a general statement take the Hunter(red) tree first, it offers the best DPS/QoL possible in a single tree for FL4K. Not to mention nearly every endgame build uses Megavore.

The best generic COM to look out for are a Thrillbot with nice boosts to Big Game and Most Dangerous Game.

Run through DLC2 early to get a Pearl of Ineffable Knowledge, the bonus effect of this artifact is the same regardless of level. You will only gain better passive upgrades on the Pearl at higher levels.

Weapons, Shield and Grenade is going to be highly subjective to personal preference and what you can find and what AS you are using. Jakob’s weapons have a lot of synergy with Fade Away, especially at early game.


Agreed with what @vCarpeDiemv said. My general strategy for playthroughs of a new character is to play the way I want to play and find fun skills or weapons - just kind of feel my way out. Then once you have learned how the skills work, try looking up some builds that other people have done and see if other people have thought of things you haven’t (I promise they have LOL, I am constantly impressed with the BL community).

If you are looking to get input on the “best leveling build” - I don’t think there’s a real consensus on that. I mained Fl4k for about 6-8 months before I even tried Gamma Burst as an action skill, and now that’s all I play. Fl4k has probably the most diverse build set of the BL3 VHs, so there’s a good likelihood that you will find the type of build you like just by playing. There are builds focusing around each of the action skills and they are all usable at end game (purple tree included), and then there are Urad vs. non-Urad builds for each of the action skill builds. There are even some builds focused around being able to swap action skills as you wish, without having to respec.

The general advice to figure out how the orange/red tree works is good advice, this is Fl4k’s best-designed tree IMO and it impacts their builds more than any other tree, so building an understanding of how the tree works and the synergies it provides is important.


Well I took your advice and I can vouch for it working: I got to 65 last week and had fun all the way. I took the green tree after the red tree and that’s when I discovered Lick the Wounds, which I think as a solo player may be the most impactful skill point out there. If I did it over again I’d probably prioritize that first then go up the red tree after.

One other question I had was, with six DLCs of content available + the base game to choose from, which should I do. I realize now the answer was simple, it is prioritize finishing the main campaign first, because that is what unlocks mayhem levels, guardian perks, and having all remaining quests auto-match your character level.

Anyway thanks for the tips and I hope this is maybe helpful for the next person just getting started.